2020 Macadoodle’s Mailbag: 50th Edition


In football, I think the most two memorable are Henry Josey’s run to beat Texas A&M to clinch the 2013 SEC East title and the Sod Reesing sack against Kansas at Arrowhead in 2007. But the one that always sticks out to me is the Darius Outlaw throwback to Brad Smith against Nebraska in 2003. It wasn’t even the biggest play of that game, but it set the tone of “We’ve lost 25 games in a row to you and we’re tied of it and we’re letting it all hang out to make sure it doesn’t happen again because we think we’re finally good enough to stand up to you.”

rlt002 asks: This season due to Covid has obviously changed a lot. Does resume still matter or is it mostly “eye test”? Ohio St. has only played 5 games and beaten only one team with a winning record but are ranked in the top 4. Wisconsin is in the top 25, is 2-2, while losing to the only ranked teams it has played and beat teams with a combined record of 4-8. Does this season set a precedent for the future where teams are ranked for how could they “should” be versus what they have actually accomplished?
GD: Rankings don’t matter. You’re asking a bunch of coaches or media members (both of whom see far less college football than most fans) to rank teams with no specific directive on how to do so. Some will use the eye test, some use resumes, some do it some other way. It’s why I’ve always thought rankings shouldn’t be done until about six weeks in. Too much is based on what people thought teams were going to be in August. The voters won’t admit they were wrong about a team until far after they should. What Wisconsin has done to date is not one of the top 25 seasons in the country. But they’re there because most people had them in the top ten to start the year. I know fans get hot and bothered over rankings and I understand why but it’s just not something that I put much stock in.

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MUValjean asks: Not that it will change anything; is there a process to appeal penalties like the one Bolton received on Saturday? Or maybe a way to have a 2 tiered penalty? It was obvious to those with us who have eyes that he was not going in for a killer shot, and it was even questionable if he committed the penalty at all. Some of these calls are necessary… but there are some that are just wrong and seriously effect the play/outcome of the game.

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