3 New Things New You Need To Know About Men’s Bow Ties Before You Buy Them


A bow tie is an attention-grabbing accessory that adds finesse to a formal or a semi-formal suit. It is a great accessory to spruce up any outfit. For many events like ceremonial, celebratory and high-influence situations, regular ties can be too uninspiring and plain. A bow tie shows a sense of class and personality that one cannot express himself or take fashion risks. This article provides a complete guide on men’s bow ties, different types, and how to and how not to use bow ties in different situations for a first-time user.

What to Do and What Not to Do?

As bow ties are one of the first things that people notice in an attire, it is essential to wear them correctly. Otherwise, it might go from being prolifically sexy to being laughable and cute.

1)    Keep the bow tie straight

Bow ties tend to go lop-sided due to the body movements or the lack of attention while tying them, making them look odd and crooked. A bow tie must always be horizontal. So, it is suggested that one note how the tie is placed while passing by a mirror.

2)    Wear the right shape and size

Men’s bow ties are available in various shapes and sizes. One must pick a tie that is the right size for their face and body type. A tie that’s too big might seem clown-like, and one that’s too small might not complement the look. Generally, a tie that is 5 inches broad and 3 inches tall or less is recommended.

3)    Compliment the attire

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Just because they are a unique accessory does not mean that one can wear a bow tie of any colour, texture and pattern for any attire. Bold ties must be paired with more subtle coloured shirts and vice versa. A satin bow tie with plain colours works well for formal events, and a checkered bow tie works for academic affairs. There are bow ties available that are theme-specific, event-specific, and they come with pocket squares.

Difference Between Self-tied, Pre-tied and Clip-on Bow Ties

Bow ties are available in classic self-tied, easy-to-use, pre-tied and children’s clip-on forms.

1)    Classic self-tie

It is one of the oldest forms of ties available, and it provides an organic and classic look to the person who wears it. It is also known as the ‘freestyle’ tie as it can be worn and adjusted based on the look that one is trying to pull off. The tie’s slight asymmetry, natural cuts and numerous styles are unmatched compared to the clip-on or pre-tied bows. Learning and wearing a bow tie takes patience, but it also gives a sense of satisfaction.

2)    Pre-tied bow tie

It is an asymmetrically pre-constructed bow tie that is attached to an adjustable neckband. It is easy to wear, especially for those who find it challenging to tie a bow tie. It is an excellent option for children and older people who do not have the dexterity to make the intricate knots to adjust a self-tie. It is not as flexible in style and lining as the classic one.

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3)    Clip-on bow tie

A clip-on bow tie is a variant of a pre-tied one attached to a metal clasp with clips or hooks in the back, directly attached to the collar. It is highly suitable for babies and children.

Men’s bow ties are a must to elevate the look of a man from any generation.  


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