4 Best Step to Use Anime App Icons on iOS and Android Phones

Anime App Icons

Pop culture has been a part of anime since its inception. One Piece, Fairy Tale and Hunter X Hunter, were just a few of many great series that took the world by storm. It’s no surprise that some anime fans take their fanaticism to a higher level and choose their favourite characters to be their anime app icons.

Launcher apps are just one way you can personalize your phone. You don’t have to sacrifice the beauty and elegance of your default launcher. Anime app icons are the way to go, and they will give your phone a unique character if done correctly. If you are looking for how to create custom app icons, this is the place to look! This article will show you how to create icons featuring your favourite anime characters.

What is an App Icon?

Icons are visual representations of mobile applications. These icons are the images that make an application easily identifiable. These icons can be used to launch an app. They are usually located on the home screen of a mobile device, where other pre-installed or downloaded apps are normally displayed.

iOS 14 has made it possible for iPhone and iPad users to customize their home screens using widgets and icon customizations. You are not changing the default icon for your app, and you will simply hide the official app from your phone and then run a widget command to launch it.

How do you create your app icons and your custom anime app icons? For iOS and Android devices, follow this step-by-step guide.

First Step: Get Anime App Icons

It all starts with creating icons that match your overall aesthetics. There are two main methods to accomplish this task.

Create Your Own

There are many icons that you can download online. However, it is best to create your own icon. It allows you to be creative and can also allow you to make any changes you wish. There are now apps that allow you to create your own graphics.


  • Illustration app created specifically for iPad
  • This package includes all the tools and capabilities needed to create a professional studio.
  • To experience an amazing response, one must use Apple Pencil.
  • It does not require a monthly subscription. However, an in-app purchase might be necessary to access more powerful brushes and tools for graphic designing.


  • Canva, unlike Procreate, is a graphic-builder app that offers premade graphics you can use to make your art.
  • This package includes a large library of templates, icons, stickers, design grids, frames, and other useful tools.
  • You can also upload graphics created with other drawing applications.
  • You can choose between a free version or a monthly paid subscription. The latter offers more features.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

  • This app is ideal for vector art manipulation and drawing.
  • Includes all the tools that are available in the desktop version.
  • For editing the exported graphic arts, you will need to subscribe to Creative Cloud.
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Get Anime App Icons Free of Charge

Another example is that some people are not skilled at graphic design, and that is fine. However, we are here to recommend some sites where you can find pre-made graphics that you can use to update your home screens using anime app icons.

Below are two great places to visit.

Anyone looking for inspiration for their projects can find it on Pinterest. This is why Pinterest is a great place to find graphics for creating anime app icons. It is possible to find the anime icons you are looking for, thanks to over 400 million users.

You can find icons for Naruto and Hunter X Hunter on Pinterest. You can use the search bar or browse the millions of results to find them.

Pinterest for Android

Pinterest for iOS

  1. Iconfinder

Image from iconfinder.com

Iconfinder is another good place to search for the best graphics for your app icons. These graphics can be downloaded in SVG, PNG, and AI formats to edit your anime app icons. You can search for anime characters by using the search bar.

There is no app available for the website. You can download the image to your tablet or mobile phone and load it using your editor.

Use Iconfinder

Second Step: Download the Icon Changer app

After you’ve created your anime app icons, now it’s time for the real work: changing the default icons to your custom ones. These apps will allow you to change the default icons of your phone.

1. Ume Icon Changer

This app allows anyone to modify the default icons and names of their phone’s apps. This app is easy to use and simple to learn, making it a popular choice for Android users who wish to personalize their home screens. You can choose from icons in the gallery or create your own. This app creates shortcuts for apps with the new icon.

Download Ume Icon Changer for Android

2. X Icon Changer

X Icon Changer works in the same way as Ume Icon Changer. This app allows users to add animated GIFs to the launch screen. X Icon Changer also solves the problem of app icons with watermarks. Android 8.0 and higher automatically adds these watermarks. However, you can remove them by placing a widget on the home screen and setting up an app to be executed from that widget.

Download X Icon Changer for Android

3. Moonshine – Icon Pack

Moonshine is a popular icon changer app. It comes with wallpapers you can use to customize your home screen. Additionally, it has a collection of vector graphics that you can use for your app icons. The app is highly praised by many users for its ease of use, well-designed icons, wallpapers, and free usage.

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Moonshine Download – Icon Pack Android

4. Native Shorcuts App iOS

iOS 14 introduced some new features that all users can benefit from. One of these new features is the Shortcuts App. Once you are comfortable with it, this app can be quite useful. It has the ability to speed up an app’s task. After you have updated your iOS to the most recent version, it will be pre-installed. The app is very popular after the release of iOS 14. Many people have shared online their experiences with changing the look of their home screens by using this app.

Find out more about iOS Shortcuts here

5. Launcher Center Pro

The app is probably the most well-known launcher for iOS devices and has an app icon library. It’s fast and simple to use, and users report that the app can execute shortcuts by simply tapping and sliding. Launcher Center Pro increases the efficiency of apps you use daily, such as Messages and FaceTime, email, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Launcher Center Pro iOS

6. iCons – Icon Changer App

Photo by ELTEAMGROUP LLC, Apple App Store

iCons is the perfect app for anyone starting to customize their iPhone’s look. The app provides detailed instructions and guidance on how to accomplish each step. To integrate smoothly, this app will require updating your OS to iOS 14. Once you have done that, you can customize your app icons and choose a wallpaper to match the mood you want.

Download the iCons Icon Changer App for iOS

7. Icon Changer

Photo by Nguyen Duc, Apple App Store

If you want to change the look of your iPhone/iPad, Icon Changer is the best choice. You can create your graphic skin and customize anime icons. Flexible because you can use your graphics, as well as change the name and background of the app.

Download Icon Changer for iOS

Third Step: Change default app icons to anime

We are close to the final step in updating your phone’s look. Next, we will show you how to transform your default icons into personalized anime app icons for Android and iOS devices.

For Android Phone

Nearly all of the Android icon changers we have listed work in a similar way. We will be using Ume Icon Changer as a quick example to show you how to transform your Android phone’s look, and this is how it works.

The screenshot is taken from Real Me 5

  1. Launch Ume Icon Changer
  2. You will be asked which app you want to change the icon on the app’s homepage.
  3. The first group of options will prompt you to select the shape for the icon. Select the one that you like best.
  4. You will be prompted to choose an app icon from your phone’s or the app’s library. You can choose which one you prefer.
  5. After selecting the anime icon, click OK.
  6. Confirm that you want to add a shortcut to the app by clicking the anime icon on your home screen.
  7. You can continue this process with the other apps on your home screen.
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For iOS

Shortcuts were also introduced with iOS 14. This app lets you extend the commands in an app and allows you to perform tasks faster. You can also customize the icon of your app, and here’s how.

1. Open the Shortcuts App.

2. To create a shortcut, tap the + icon > tap the select to apps and address bar.

3. Type Open App in the search bar and choose the match.

4. Next, choose an app you want to open to use the shortcut command.

5. Choose Details.

6. Enter a short name and tap the Add to Home Screen button.

7. Next, enter the Shortcut’s name again.

8. Tap the icon next to the shortcut name. You will be prompted to select the app icon that you want to use with the shortcut command.

This process can be repeated for all your other apps. You can also make a list of all the apps that you want to show on your home screen to save time.

Final Step: Hide your default app icon.

Once you’ve achieved the look you want, you can hide default apps and display your shortcut apps with new icons.

Hide apps on Android devices

Hide Apps on Android are very simple and can be done by anyone.

  1. Long-tap on an empty area from your home screen.
  2. Tap Settings from the list of options at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Scroll down to locate the Hide Apps choice.
  4. Choose the apps that you want to be hidden from the home screen.
  5. Tap Apply to make changes.


Hide Apps allows you to restore hidden apps by selecting the apps you want to conceal first.

Hide apps on iOS devices

Technically, iOS and iPadOS users cannot hide apps from their screens. You can, however, keep all of your default icons in one folder so that the icons with custom anime icons stand out.


The Android OS has had the ability to customize and personalize your home screen since its inception. This feature was fully made possible by iOS 14, the latest version of the iOS operating system.

The look of your smartphone can be elevated by using anime icons. If done right, it’s visually pleasing to the eye. There are many ways to achieve these graphics and many apps that can help you alter the look of your home screen. This article should have helped you to change the look of your smartphone.


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