4 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Increase Survey Response Rates


If you are running a business and you need to gain some more info about your target market, then conducting a survey is the way to go. Not only can you target your guests to a specific audience, but you can learn valuable insights about how your customer interacts, what they are interested in, and where you should direct your marketing efforts. By conducting a survey, you can learn information that will make your life easier – and make you run your business more efficiently. 

Avoid wasting time on obsolete questions and other marketing methods that do not provide you with information about your ideal customer – instead, learn how to increase your survey response rates by using the right type of outreach method, using the right kind of questions, and sending it to the right people. Let’s visit site and see a few mistakes that you should look out for when it comes to trying to boost your survey response rate and how you can avoid this in the future. 

4 beginner mistakes when trying to boost survey response rates

First off – what is a survey response rate? The survey response rate is just the number of people who answer your survey when compared to the total number of people that you sent it to.

Sending the survey to the wrong people

The first mistake that you should avoid when it comes to improving your survey response rates is sending the questionnaire to the wrong people. If you are not sure who your target market is, this may mean that you send the survey to anyone and everyone. But why should people answer your survey and fill out the questions if they are not interested in your business? By sending your survey to everyone, this can only decrease your survey response rates – instead, figure out who is interested in your business and go from there.

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Asking at the wrong time

The second mistake to avoid when you are trying to increase your survey response rates is asking the target market at the wrong time. Do you frequently send surveys in the middle of the night to a person’s email and you find that no one is answering? Instead, figure out a new outreach method and time to send the survey so you can better your response.

Confusing questions

The next mistake to avoid when it comes to boosting survey response rates is wording your questions in a logical and easy to understand way. If your questions are long-winded, confusing, and require long answers, this makes it less possible for people to answer the questions. If they have to type out paragraphs or respond to convoluted questions, it will take up too much of their time – and they will not answer the survey.

Ask the wrong questions

The last mistake to avoid when it comes to boosting survey response rates is asking about the right things – figure out how you can ask the right questions for your clientele and what they respond to. There is no point in asking questions that are not directly related to what you are trying to achieve. When you are coming up with the survey questions, ensure that they answer the objective of your survey – are you trying to find out more about what your target market likes, when they use your website, or what you’re looking for? 

Your question should be tailored to your end goal – if you are trying to figure out how your customers shop at your business, do not ask them questions that are obsolete and off-topic. Asking irrelevant questions will only waste a user’s time and cause them to quit the survey and lower the survey response rates. Instead, keeping your survey focused, targeted, and on-brand makes it easier for people to quickly answer the question and get on with their day – you want to make sure the average survey answering time is less than 5 minutes, or else they will probably give and move on. 

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When you are creating your survey for your target market, make sure you keep a few things in mind so you can avoid low response rates. Ensure you ask the right questions, you ask them at the right time, and you keep the question concise – this way, you can boost your customer survey response rates. 


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