4 Most Unusual Mounts WoW


In World of Warcraft, mounts serve as a means of transportation for characters. These vehicles are advantageous because they simplify the players’ lives in a big way since they enable them to cover long distances in a short period of time, which meets their needs. Due to the fact that mounts are varied and can be gained in a variety of ways, they are very popular. There is no doubt that the more beautiful your vehicle is, the harder it will be to get, and the more valuable it will be. We are going to take a look at some of the most interesting of them, as well as find out where you can obtain them.


There is no doubt that the title of one of the most unusual creatures on which one can move is one that deserved to be given to the X995-Mechanocat. This mount is straight out of wow mounts for sale, and its distinguishing feature is the ability to repaint the body in different colors.

Where can I find this mount and how do I get it? All cats love red dots on the floor, so the answer to this problem is quite simple – lure with a laser pointer. It is necessary to master artisanal mechanics in order to achieve this goal. In the beginning, you will need to go to Cork Stuttguard, buy the blueprint for 500 gold, and then take it to Pascal-K1N6. Upon receiving a laser pointer from the robot, you can add the mount to your collection after which you will be given a laser pointer. 

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There is a low probability that any of the parts for the laser pointer will fall out of Mechagon itself, though most of them are knocked out there. WoW, mounts can be found both at auctions and on specialized sites where you can purchase them. The beauty of the second method is that it has a lower price than the in-game sale, so this method of purchasing a mount is also worth paying attention to in addition to the in-game sale. 

Mail Muncher 

In the next section, we will showcase a parade of some of the most unusual mounts that support Mail Muncher. As a matter of fact, this snake is a big one that is capable of being saddled. At the end of the Battle for Azeroth, the item will become available for purchase. There is a possibility that ladies will not be able to appreciate such a vehicle, but this animal looks nothing short of spectacular. 

Furthermore, I would like to point out that this mount is one of the easiest to obtain of all the mounts in the game. To open the mailboxes in the various vision quarters of Orgrimmar or Stormwind, all you need to do is enter the nightmares of Orgrimmar or Stormwind and open the mailboxes. In order to provoke the Mail Muncher into appearing, you need to piss him off, and this is the way to do that. After you have shown the snake here who is the boss, you can add it to your collection, saddle it, and cut it through the expanses of World of Warcraft in a calm and gentle manner.  

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Shadowbarb drone 

Would you like to ride a giant bug if you love insects and have always wanted to do so? As part of the 8.3 updates, Blizzard has graciously made this available for you to use. It is necessary for you to find its egg in Uldum in order to obtain this creature, which can be found here. Having found him, you will be able to safely drag the draenei from the League of Explorers. It will be the comrade who will offer us the chance to see who will hatch from this egg by taking care of it for us. 

In addition, in order to be more specific, you can expect to receive your mount, which is also a pet, within 30 days. As a matter of fact, it is worth noting that this creature is sometimes listed as a WoW mount for sale on various websites, so you can search for it on those sites as well. You will be able to greatly simplify your life, as well as save precious time and nerves in the process.

Reins of the obsidian Krolusk 

There are so many things to do in World of Warcraft that you can even ride a prehistoric carapace! It is necessary for you to give 200 medals to the merchant next to the table in order to be sent to the front in order to obtain this handsome man. 

It is a long and tedious process to farm medals, and it can quickly become boring, so you should either cooperate with other players or check out specialized sites that sell mounts if you are looking for one. The mount itself will definitely surprise your friends and allies, even if it takes a long time to farm, despite the fact that it won’t please the ladies. You can also buy other mounts, but they are much more expensive than Reins of the obsidian Krolusk, as well as more predictable and less interesting. 

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Here is a review of the most unusual mounts in World of Warcraft, as well as where and how you can acquire them. Throughout the game itself, you will find an abundance of mountable creatures, each of which is unique in its own way and will complement any character to the fullest. 

Obviously, it’s simply not possible to cover all the inhabitants of this universe in one article, but you may be pleasantly surprised by your friends and associates when you show them all of this. It is important to remember that all mounts can not only be obtained or bought through in-game auctions but can also be obtained or purchased via third-party websites. Despite the fact that you may not be able to collect the mount that you like, you shouldn’t get discouraged. 


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