Did you know the largest public bathroom is in the Chinese city of Chongqing? The four-story bathroom has over 1,000 toilers and features an ancient Egyptian theme.

While this makes for an interesting tourist attraction, we wouldn’t recommend using it as inspiration for your own home’s bathroom! However, in general, a bathroom renovation can be an exciting project and a great home investment.

However, many people struggle to know where to start. Which aspects should you focus on when planning your renovation?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below for five things your bathroom renovation should include!

1. Neutral Features and Items

If you’re installing any big-ticket items like toilets or tile floors, go for neutral colors and designs. It’s an easy way to create a modern look, and it will make your bathroom appealing to a broader audience if you ever sell your home.

It’s also beneficial if you like tweaking your home according to current trends. It’s much easier to swap out contemporary accessories than to frequently remodel the entire bathroom.

2. Impressive Fixtures

When planning Home Renovations, don’t forget small things like hardware and fixtures. While many have similar outward appearances, you should always thoroughly gauge the quality of your options.

For example, always opt for plumbing fixtures with metal insides rather than plastic. It may be a pricier investment, but it will save you money on future plumbing expenses.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to fixtures too. A hanging light fixture with a matte black finish can pair perfectly with gold cabinet and sink hardware. It’s all about finding what works in your own space.

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3. Storage

Don’t forget to consider storage space when planning your bathroom renovation. Even the most beautiful bathroom can be ruined by excess clutter.

If you don’t have room for a large vanity full of drawers, get creative with your storage. Floating shelves are popular these days and easily installed. Remember that you can also install hanging storage units on the back of your bathroom door too.

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4. Natural Light Source

If you want to keep your bathroom clean and bright, a window is a must-have. With a window, you can avoid a buildup of humidity, especially after a shower. If you’re installing a shower window, tilt it downwards to ensure the water rolls off of it.

A window will also provide plenty of natural light. This is key to keeping your bathroom clean, as mold is more likely to fester in dark and damp places.

However, not every bathroom is built into the side of a home. If you don’t have a wall to build a window into, consider a skylight. It lets in just as much light, provides more privacy than a window and is one of the most unique bathroom renovation additions available. Purchasing lighted bathroom mirrors can also work, click here to check them out!

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Complete the Ultimate Bathroom Renovation

Plenty of decisions go into a bathroom renovation. It can be intimidating, especially for first-time homeowners. However, with the guide above, you’ll have no trouble developing your own bathroom renovation ideas!

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