The recent spate of COVID-19 has all but paralyzed business with physical stores being shut for good. That does not mean that buying and selling products or services should also come to an end though. You can always escort to buying the necessities online today.

Sure, creating a website that caters to the target audience and encourages them to fill their shopping carts is an art that depends on the exemplary use of technology. Make sure to get in touch with the top website developers Leicester in order to have an online resource that is both eye appealing and fully functional while remaining secure. Transaction of money is a sensitive topic and you surely do not want your customers to lose their hard-earned money due to a tech glitch?

Yes! You may have had an online presence before the pandemic swept over the world. However, it is time to check it out a new and better it to attract more traffic and get on with your core business regardless of the situation. The right way to tweak your website and make it user friendly would be to incorporate the following:-

Simple – People are not impressed by complexity when they are eager to buy a product. So, try and keep the website simple in design. Take care not to clutter your home page by using multiple colors and banner Ads. Forgo the lure of pop-ups too! The less distractions that a visitor encounters ups your chances of making a sale. Remember the first rule of web design and stick to KISS (keep it simple silly).

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Branding –┬áHuman nature is to be attracted to big brands and avid shoppers seldom opt for things that do not have the right label. You do not have to stick products from the top braded shops and make a pittance in profits though. Instead, go all out to introduce your own business and online store by tying up with a digital marketing company. You will be pretty amazed to find more traffic being directed your way once you have the content optimized perfectly. Use the social media extensively to connect with your audience and watch your brand being recognized catapulting your sales figures most.

Quality Images – You cannot expect the visitors to be convinced about your products unless you have the image placed in the right category. It certainly makes sense to tie up with a professional product photographer or hire a prominent website design Leicester agency to place the right images on your site. High quality images go a long way in convincing prospective buyers to make a decision.

Less Is More – Do not even consider adding long descriptions about the products or wax eloquent on the ‘About Us’ page. It is important to remember that the buyers of today, especially the younger generation have an exceedingly short attention span. It is best to break up the sentences and use proper interjections that force the visitors to give it a second glance. It would definitely help to keep the content scannable as the prospects would simply want to scan it instead of reading everything diligently.

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Responsive – It is of utmost importance to have a Leicester website company provide you with a responsive design so that it can be accessed on all hand held devices along with the conventional laptop and desktop. The smart phone has become ubiquitous today with no individual being left behind. Most persons do not want to sit in front of a computer for hours while trying to shop. 

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