5 Different Types Of Garage Doors


Your garage is the first thing people notice while driving through your driveway. It should have a stylish and modern door. There are a lot of other factors that affect the type of door you choose. Hence, you must know about the different kinds of garage doors available in the market.

Garage doors need regular maintenance like any other door. It may need repairs or replacements at times. If you belong to Chesterfield, opt for a garage door repair, Chesterfield VA. A professional garage door replacement may cost between $590 to $1650. It depends on the kind of door and the market rate.

Following are five kinds of garage doors:-

1) Sectional Garage Doors

One of the most common door types in the US comprises panel sections connected with hinges. There are vertical tracks on each side of the door opening. Wheels at the edge of panels roll inside these tracks. These doors have high-tension springs that allow them to hold themselves when fully open.

These doors are famous as they are low-maintenance. You may even customize them according to your needs. These doors can operate from electricity too.

2) Roller Garage Doors

If you want more space in the garage and don’t want the door occupying much space, roller garage doors are the right choice for you. They comprise a steel slat that rolls around a drum when we open it. People usually construct these doors for commercial use as they are high-performance and costly.

3) Slide To The Side Garage Doors

These doors slide to one side and sit parallel to the wall when we open them. They don’t take up any ceiling space and are one of the oldest styles. They run along with lower trolleys. These trolleys are flexible enough to work with small slopes in the floor or ceiling.

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Sliding to the side garage doors does not require balancing springs. They operate automatically with a retractable motor. 

4) Tilt-up Canopy Garage Doors

These are traditional yet the most beautiful kind of garage door. The doors can be both manual and electric. These doors extend outwards before tilting upon the opening. They comprise one solid slab. 

Tilt-up canopy doors sit past the front and parallel to the garage ceiling. They give a classic look to the garage. 

5) Side-hinged Garage Doors

The old-fashion and the most vintage style is the side-hinged garage door. These doors comprise wood and look similar to barn doors. They take up less space and allow the garage to have more. They have a simple installation process. 

The doors open from the middle and are most suitable for simple houses.

Which Materials Are Used In Garage Doors?

Security, strength, and the level of maintenance decide the garage door material. Steel is the most common material because of being cost-effective. 

Other materials are vinyl, glass, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Wood is the most versatile among these and is costly too. 

Your choice will depend on multiple factors. The cost, look, maintenance, and reliability matter the most. Make the right choice according to these factors and make your investment worth it.


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