5 Important Travel Safety Tips for Oakland Trip


There’s no denying that Oakland is one of the popular travel destinations in California. The city is rich with history, culture, and arts, and welcomes thousands of tourists every week. However, it is also considered one of the most unsafe cities to travel to. But don’t let that deter you from making travel plans to that city. By following a few safety tips, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip to Oakland.

Taking safety measures is not limited to collecting hospital information and preparing for medical emergencies, as many other kinds of problems can arrive. However, you can keep a list of Oakland accident injury lawyers handy for emergency accident cases.

Below are some more safety tips that will ensure a safer trip.

Research Well

When traveling to any new place, it is important to research the place well. Which popular tourist destinations do you want to visit? What are the ways to travel to those places? What is the common mode of transportation in the city? Are there any roads that are notorious for theft or hijacking? What are the safest roads to take? Answers to all these questions will give you a clear picture of your travel destination. Jot them down. Visit travel blogs and online forums to see what the other tourists are saying about the safety of Oakland. Talk to them, and plan your travel itinerary accordingly. It is also wise to note down the location of the nearest hospital and police station for emergencies.

Keep Your Documents Ready

This one might seem like a redundant step, but it’s important. Carry your driver’s license, passport (if you are visiting from another country), and other legal documents with you at all times so that you can easily produce them when required. Keep printed hardcopies in all your bags and carry the digital version over cloud storage that you can access. If you face an emergency in which you have to prove your identity, you can show these to the authority.

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Share all these legal documents with a friend or a family member you trust. If you are in an emergency that requires your family members to step in with required documentation, they can easily handle that.

Manage Your Money and Belongings

Theft is a pretty common occurrence in Oakland. Therefore, you must be cautious while carrying your belongings around the city. Use locks in all your bags and keep the key inside your purse. If you are roaming around with multiple bags or luggage, keep an eye on them at all times. Don’t leave your belongings unattended. Try not to store all the money in one place. Divide them into small amounts and place them inside each bag so that in case of emergencies, you always have a portion of the money available. Take an emergency credit card with you to avoid the hassle.

It’s better not to carry valuables with you if you visit Oakland for a short trip. However, if it is inevitable, keep them to yourself at all times.

Use ATMs with Caution

When withdrawing money from an ATM, be mindful of your surroundings as you walk out. Snatchers lurk in these streets and look for people who don’t appear as locals. If you’re not careful, you can get mugged by them.

Avoid withdrawing a large sum of money at once. If possible, withdraw the amount you would need for the day. That way, you won’t be losing a lot of money even if you fall into a mishap. Also, try not to withdraw money from the same ATM every time because it makes it easier for the muggers to target you.

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Drink Responsibly

Meeting someone at a bar for the first time? Keep an eye on your drink, and try to drink responsibly. Tourists are the number one target for a lot of thieves and muggers. Also, tales of men slipping sedatives in women’s drinks and harming them are not uncommon. Stay alert whether you’re visiting the bar alone or with a friend. Don’t accept drinks from strangers. Even if you do, take the drink from the barman, and do not take your eyes off it until you finish drinking it.

After leaving the bar, have a local friend drop you at your hotel or Airbnb. Check the dark alleyways before venturing into them as thieves and robbers wait in the dark for tourists to pass by.

Oakland might be an unsafe city because of the theft and robbery, but it’s also one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. Stay alert, but don’t be afraid. Follow the safety steps mentioned above to ensure a great holiday with your friends or family in one of the most vibrant cities of California.


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