No record player owner would want any harm done on their vinyl player. But what if you could damage it unintentionally? A high-quality object like the vinyl record player is also an item of high maintenance. To avoid improper care for your record player, here are a few record player don’ts. 

Don’t Handle Vinyl Records Carelessly

Yes, vinyl records are pretty expensive, but that doesn’t mean that they are invincible. On the contrary, they require the utmost care, and these tracks’ condition also contributes to your record player’s health. 

Don’t just grab your record by the surface. Instead, grip on its sides and edges to avoid grease from getting on your vinyl. The dust, or sometimes gunk that accumulate on the surface can be detrimental when contacting your record player. 

On the same note, also handle your turntable gently and place the record with precision and care. 

Don’t Think It Doesn’t Need Maintenance

You might fall into thinking that turntables are good as is, but once in your turf, you need to mind a couple of things to ensure it’s properly taken care of. One of those things is to have it cleaned from time to time. 

Vinyl record players are supposed to play music smoothly while still giving off that warm feeling. When you start to hear crackling in the track, that’s not part of the vinyl experience but more of a sign of an unclean record or player. For the optimum playing experience, it is best to keep your vinyl and your turntable dust-free by cleaning them as needed. 

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Don’t Use Different Cleaning Materials 

No matter how soft you may think, your cloth may avoid using it to clean your vinyl and record player. This does more harm than good and cause abrasions and displace the dust on the surface. Instead, invest in proper cleaning tools for vinyl records and turntables, like an anti-static record brush.

Even cleaning agents like glass cleaner, polish, etc., are not safe for your vinyl record player. When you want to hear a smoother sound, you might think to spritz your record a little bit, but this will only drive the dirt deeper into the device and the track. So what do you do when you think that brushing off the dust isn’t enough? Well, there are products on the market that are specifically designed to clean your vinyl and turntable. Never use a product that does not indicate that it is made to clean vinyl.

Don’t Play The Incorrect Speed

The record speed is known as RPM or rotations per minute. It is essential to be knowledgeable about record speeds and their correspondence with the vinyl. A 12-inch record will require a different speed compared to a 7-inch record. Playing either track on the wrong speed setting will make it sound distorted and damage the player’s record. 

Don’t Abruptly Stop The Record From Playing

Vinyl records are extremely sensitive, which is why you should wait for the record platter to completely stop spinning before removing or placing the record on top of it. Doing otherwise can leave scratches on the vinyl and also damage the needle. 

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Also, be wary of the mat on your platter. Whether it be felt or rubber, make sure it is clean and free of dust before putting on your favorite record. Check it occasionally for damage or if it may need replacement. When that time comes, make sure to pick reliable options such as the Philips replacement styli.

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