Creating a business website on WordPress is not a big deal. If you are not tech-savvy enough to write a platform from scratch, sign up at WP and create your shop or blog. All you need is the support of some helpful plugins.

Yoast SEO

It’s impossible to imagine a good website without search engine optimization (SEO). Hiring an SEO expert might cost you a lot. You may either master more or less simple tools like ahrefs or Copywritely or benefit from using the most demanded WP plugin – Yoast SEO. This tool will give you a hint on the recommended keywords, positions, and ways to improve your texts’ readability. For instance, you sell content for businesses. How should you know which of these buzzwords is better for you: “write my annual report” or “statistics project help”?

At no charge, you’ll be able to:

  • Optimize content based on buzzwords and meta
  • Find out how well your content is performing
  • Enhance readability index

This instrument is a perfect retention solution. Yoast SEO is offered to generate more leads by driving organic traffic to your business page. Can you imagine that Google processes more than nine billion searches daily? Money alone won’t help your business get to the top. Yoast is a perfect way to build a powerful SEO strategy, especially for a startup or small company.

W3 Total Cache

“Cache” as a word alone makes many people shake in their boots. It stands for the process of saving bits of a site on a PC, tablet, or phone. As a result, the page load speed increases significantly, putting you or your visitors in a waiting line. While time is money and everyone hates waiting, W3 Total Cache might be the right solution for your business. This plugin will keep you away from problems associated with caching, including high bounce rates. The features include:

  • AMP support
  • SSL support,
  • Hosting compatibility
  • Minification of resources, etc.
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All you need is to configure this tool properly – follow the WP instructions.

iThemes Security

Your business will never have a dedicated customer base without security standards. Your visitors are not the only ones who should care about it. Your company risks losing a website that is not properly protected. iThemes is the right plugin that everyone has to set up to guarantee data safety.

The tool offers over thirty unique methods to defend the platform and its visitors. Some of the most popular ideas involve:

  • Pass expiration
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Malware protection

You shouldn’t worry about external threats any longer if you install this plugin. iThemes Security was initially created to remove frequent mistakes in WP. The plugin is very simple to set up and use, so you do not have to be tech-savvy.


Despite some users thinking that this plugin might slow down the work of a website, most experts include it on the lists of the most recommended WordPress tools to install. If your hosting is good, you have nothing to worry about. You can only select modules that your business needs.

On the whole, the plugin offers a variety of functions to supercharge a website. It is impossible to say that Jetpack belongs to just one category. Can it secure your business online? Yes. Can it help with optimization? Yes. Does it deal with social media marketing (SMM)? Once again, yes! It can even help with your email marketing campaigns.


The last but not least important plugin on the list stands for increasing the page load speed. It allows your customers to view the website way faster. Considering that most users tend to leave if the site loads more than three seconds on average, Optimole is extremely useful. It helps you:

  • Support different types of pictures
  • Optimize images
  • Compress visual elements
  • Apply international CDN
  • Resize pictures on your site
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Thanks to the improved performance, your business platform will start attracting even more people than ever.


Different WP plugins can do your website a favor. From SEO optimization to ensuring security, they can help your business generate more leads. As most of them are free, don’t hesitate to try installing a few!

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