7 Pro-Tips to Incorporate While Creating a Professional Machine Learning Resume


Artificial Intelligence has taken over and is disrupting every industry. The demand for machine learning engineers has been steadily rising. LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise in the US in 2022 lists machine learning at the third spot.

Unfortunately, steep growth in demand doesn’t necessarily translate to every aspirant bagging a job. So, how does one improve upon their chances to grab the next opportunity? A resume.

A resume is a valuable document highlighting your educational background, experience, skills, and achievements. When thoughtfully written, it distinguishes one from the crowd and enables one to make the most of the opportunity. We have curated a list of 7 pro tips to keep in mind while writing a resume for machine learning expert :

  1. Choosing the right template

Choosing the right kind of template is important at different stages of one’s professional journey. It should be tailor-made for the person keeping in mind if he is a fresher, mid-level professional or a senior professional. The template should exemplify one’s background, skills, and achievements.

  1. Single-page resume

This is true for any resume. A hiring manager glances through tens if not hundreds of resumes every day. They do not scrutinize at a preliminary stage. If the resume is a compact document containing valid details and experiences, the chances of being scrutinized increase. For instance, for a senior professional the activities undertaken while pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree might not be relevant. It would make more sense to include recent work experience and highlight achievements there.

  1. Include only relevant information

This is complementary to a single-page resume. Include the information that is important and suits the job description, industry, and company one is applying for. One shall convey proficiency with scripting languages, a robust understanding of machine learning concepts, and foundational knowledge of algorithms, statistics, and data processing.

  1. Include keywords from Job Description
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It is important to keep an outline resume ready. When applying for a job, the outline could be used to tailor it to the job description to make it suitable for the specific role- —employers want to see that your skills align with their needs. Using keywords mentioned in the job description help to achieve this and increase the chances of scrutiny by a hiring manager.

  1. Using action words to describe the experience

A resume is a marketing document that exemplifies one’s achievements. Using action words such as created, initiated, drove, etc enhances the effect on the reader. They showcase a candidate’s ability to undertake responsibility and deliver on time.

  1. Mentioning projects undertaken

If are a fresher and applying for entry-level roles, you can compensate with a robust compilation of projects. A strong projects section will validate your end-to-end technical skills, convey critical thinking abilities, and show your capacity to tackle real-world business problems.

  1. Showcase your success

Bragging is allowed! Focusing on achievements and significant projects you’ve completed and framing your successes in ways that demonstrate how you will add value to the company goes a long way. Employers aren’t just interested in what you’ve done—they’re interested in what you can do for them.

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