In times like today, having a second source of income makes all the difference at the end of the month. And for those who have an unoccupied property, entering the rental market is a profitable option, but it requires a willingness to advertise and then manage the contract with your tenant.

The first thing you should worry about is deciding whether to manage the property yourself or with the help of a realtor. It is very important that, when dealing with administrative issues alone, you seek to know more about your rights as a landlord and legal protection so as not to give rise to issues and headaches.

The landlords of a house, who want to put it up for rent, want guarantees when it comes to collecting the monthly payments and also the tenants to take care of the property in an adequate way.

Perhaps, those are the aspects that most concern the landlord. But the truth is that to obtain these guarantees it is essential to contact a professional who is an expert in the real estate market and, more specifically, in the housing or commercial rental market.

Here we provide you with 7 security tips for landlords.

1. Choose the right tenant:

During a rental period, one of the main fears of landlords is the risk of non-payment. Choosing the right tenant is therefore an extremely important step. To maximize your chances of finding a reliable and serious tenant, you must carefully examine their entire profile. After first contact, it is advisable to communicate thoroughly with the interested candidates and to study the various criteria of solvency, guarantee, and employment with the help of supporting documents.

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Know your tenant. Take advantage of the visits to introduce yourself and ask questions, but also use this time to talk, get to know them, and understand the person’s expectations of the property.

Everything you can extract from these conversations will help you decide which type of guarantee to establish – guarantor, surety bond, escrow deposit, or capitalization bond. And you should always establish one of these guarantee options in your contract. It is through these options that you will have security in case of conflicts with the new resident.

In addition, we recommend using Nuwber to verify the identity of a potential tenant. You can also go through their social media accounts to check what kind of lifestyle they have and if your property would agree with their habits.

2. Do install extra ‘eyes’:

Installing a security camera is always a great idea. Ask your neighbors to let you know if they see any suspicious people or activities around, and do not forget to share your contact number with them.

In addition, a house security system is a very practical tool that will help landlords look after their place. These sorts of additional precautions offer them a feeling of property safety in any new places.

If you don’t have security systems and you don’t have neighbors nearby, think seriously about hiring a security service that suits your needs. Being so exposed, isolated homes are one of the preferred targets for thieves.

3. Avoid recklessness:

Many people expose their homes to possible theft almost unconsciously. Customs such as keeping one of the house keys in the mailbox or under the doormat should be avoided. You should also take preventive measures against possible fires or natural disasters such as earthquakes.

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When you live in a community of neighbors or owners, it is necessary to monitor the common spaces. The objective is not so much to prevent robberies from neighbors but to cover against possible oversights which allow thieves to access weak points in common spaces.

In this sense, special attention must be paid to the security of the garage and car parks. It is a very busy and easily accessible common area, so it never hurts to use extra security measures, such as surveillance cameras. If you are one of those who has a private garage, it is advisable to install proper garage doors.

4. Home automation, an essential ally:

In line with the previous advice, it is highly recommended to have a home automation system in your property. There is a wide range of possibilities, from smart windows and doors to timers for the television, lamps, etc. They exert a very useful deterrent effect and, in addition, they make your life easier.

5. The phone must always work:

Breakdowns in the telephone usually lead to us ending up opening the doors of our house to anyone. If this system is broken, check the identity of the visitors yourself. If your phone is in good condition, remember that many thieves use false phrases to enter houses through the phone. For this reason, it is better that you do not open up to anyone you do not expect.

6. Nothing in sight:

If the terrace or garden can be seen from the door or through the fence, it is convenient that there is nothing of value in these spaces. Of course, it is very important to know where to put the security cameras. Make sure your surveillance camera is well visible to create a deterrent effect or, if it seems more convenient, use a hidden security camera to close blind spots. 

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7. To rent, better with a professional:

Without a doubt, to get a secure rental, it is not recommended to rent the property directly with the tenant (regardless of the size of the house, whether it is a chalet or a small flat). The presence of an experienced professional when drafting the contract, selecting the tenant, and resolving any dispute with the tenant, is essential today to have a minimum of coverage in the event of non-payment or damage to the home.

In addition, if the behavior of a passer-by seems suspicious to us, it is always preferable to stay on the safer side and alert the security forces. It is not about living in a state of psychosis but about avoiding dangerous situations in time.

In short, achieving maximum peace of mind in our home does not have to be a complex task if some simple and proven guidelines are followed.

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