Beginner’s Guide: 7 Things Every Cyclist Should Have


If we are talking about one of the best cardio exercises that you can do, then cycling is on top of that list. Aside from getting that needed exercise, you get to explore the places around you. With everyone resorting to bicycles as a mode of transportation, especially now that it is unsafe to take public vehicles, there are a few accessories and things that you should consider getting. This stuff can make cycling more enjoyable while ensuring that you are always safe. Here are some of them: 

  1. Indoor bike rack

One of the top priorities for bike maintenance is having a dedicated spot to keep it in a pristine collection. Instead of parking it outside of your home, why not invest in an indoor bike rack. For the best and stylish racks that won’t break the bank, check out the ones from There are several choices to check out, depending on what type you have and accessories. To keep all your cycling stuff in one place, you can get a bike rack with a storage shelf. If you want to treat your bike like a trophy and display it in the living room, you can get the wall-mounted racks. If you live in an apartment where you can’t wall mount, then you can get a bike stand. There are also choices if you live in a home with limited space. 

  1. First-aid kit 

This is not a suggestion, but a must. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen, but you may encounter some accidents. It is best to be prepared all the time. Your first aid kit should include dry tools, such as plasters, bandages, and tape. You can also add alcohol and tweezers. Some cyclists might not even consider this as it could weigh them down. But when you are planning to take long rides and unfamiliar places, then definitely prepare one. You can assemble your first aid kit or buy ready ones from your local pharmacy.

  1. A trusted helmet
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While we’re on the topic of staying safe, a helmet is something that you should also buy the moment that you get your bicycle. Aside from protection, a helmet keeps you seen by other vehicles. When buying a helmet, make sure that it fits well on your head so it doesn’t wobble when you’re cycling. Aside from the fit, some helmets have built-in reflectors and headlamps. This is highly recommended, especially if you like cycling at night. If you already have a helmet, then you can customize it and buy a separate reflector. 

  1. Repair Kit

From time to time, your bicycle will need repairs and maintenance. You might need to change and fix a flat tire or tighten a loose bolt. To get you started, here’s a list of tools that you should have in your kit.

  • Spare tube
  • Patch kit
  • Tire levers
  • Chain tool
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Bike pump
  • Duct tape

These are some of the basics that you should buy. For the tools, you can check out some multi-tool stuff so you don’t have to carry several things when you are packing them. You can put your tools in a saddle pack or rack trunks. The tools that you bring should depend on the type of ride you are planning to take on for that day.

  1. A lock 

For practical reasons, it is best to bring one every time you go out. For example, you might need to buy something or go to the restroom. Make sure to invest in a good lock, as they generally don’t come cheap. Buying the best ones in the market makes sure that no thief can steal your bike, even if they use a tool to jimmy it.

  1. Front and rear lights
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There are times that you might be caught up with riding and forget the time. Lights are a must-have, especially when it’s after dark. It serves two purposes, similar to what we mentioned for the helmets. It makes sure that you can see the road while making you visible to other vehicles. LEDs and rechargeable batteries come small in size but give the most illumination.

  1. Cycling shoes

Yes, there are specific shoes made for cycling. This is more of a “nice to have” item rather than a need. But if you’re taking cycling seriously, then this is something that can improve your experience. They are more breathable but have clits and rigid soles to attach to your pedals. This gives any cyclist comfort while keeping power control. You will also see improvement when it comes to your pedalling efficiency.

Investment is key!

These accessories will elevate your cycling experience. Most people assume that investing in this hobby stops the moment that you buy a bicycle. Hopefully, this list gives you an overview of how much you should save as a beginner! What do you think about this list? Make sure to share this article with your friends!


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