8 Best Apps for Mac Owners


 Life inside our MacBooks is a glorious place. It’s aesthetically pleasing, high-speed, virtually virus-free, and full of wonder. We can stream TV shows and videos to pixelated perfection. We can edit our images until they shine. We can even journal our days away in a number of different apps.

However, if you’d like to become more organized, more efficient, and even savvier, then we have a list of the best apps for Mac users. We’re going to help you stay on top of your tasks, set up a streamlined file system, and even save a little memory on your machine.

In the end, you’ll be pleased with these well-rounded options, many of which are free. Without further ado, let’s start downloading.

1. Todoist

Twenty-five million people use this app to gather all their tasks into one place. You can “Quick Add” tasks, set recurring due dates, and even incorporate subtasks and sections.

It’s easy to prioritize tasks into levels of importance, create new favorites, and set reminders. If you’re managing a team, you can delegate tasks through Todoist, too, and shift projects across multiple boards.

All in all, it’s a smart app that helps you keep track of ongoing projects whether you’re on your Mac, your iPhone, or anywhere else for that matter!

2. Day One

Let’s move on to a bit of mindfulness. Day One is a great journaling app. You can create daily entries across multiple journals, upload pictures, audio files, and more. Or, if you want to give your fingers a break, you can even dictate your entries.

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All in all, you get to upload beautiful images from your phone or camera and write meaningful entries that will last a lifetime. You can access your journals whether you’re on the train, using your iPhone or iPad, or home sweet home on your MacBook.

We like the way the new York Times describes Day One: “It feels almost sacred: a completely private digital space.”

3. Apple TV

When you’re done journaling and ready to relax some more, turn on your Apple TV. From your MacBook, you’ll need to download the app from the App Store.

Once set up, you’ll have access to all your favorite TV shows and movies. This is a great option if you’re on the go and want a fuller-sized screen than your iPhone.

4. Spotify

Whether you’re being productive, spending a little time in your journal, or cleaning out your home office, you need Spotify. It’s insanely cheap, given the fact that you’re provided access to practically every song in the world.

Create playlists with your favorite tunes or listen in on already-curated lists. It’s one of the first third-party apps every MacBook needs because a little background ambiance never hurts a thing.

5. Pixelmator

In a sea of apps, this photo editor keeps floating to the surface. You know how we can get lost in the editing process of our Instagram pics? Well, Pixelmator takes this to new heights.

It allows you to make nondestructive color adjustments any way you want. There’s a huge collection of adjustment presents and really impressive retouching tools.

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All in all, it takes the fun of photo editing on our phones, pops it open on the big screen, and allows us to edit our favorite shots to perfection.

You know what else that means? Your Day One journal entries are going to be so vibrant and colorful, you’ll love re-reading past entries.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive has really taken over the world. (No surprise there, as it’s Google.) And Google Docs has made sharing documents a breeze; it also remains one of the top methods of working on communal projects. Anyone can edit, comment, and carry on.

Each document can be effortlessly stored in Google Drive, according to file folders, and more. This gives you instant access to organized files from anywhere in the world.

Google Drive is so effective that, if you’ve been paying for another storage app, you might want to forego that. To save space, you can uninstall any apps that you’re no longer using.

For more on that, check out https://setapp.com/how-to/uninstall-dropbox-from-mac. There, you’ll find tips on how to uninstall a file transfer program that you no longer need while protecting your files.

7. Hazel

Google Drive will keep all your documents in cloud storage. As for hard drive organization, Hazel is well worth the one-time purchase. It can automatically move your files and sort them for you according to name, date, type, the site they came from, and more.

Their logo is a little brown duster and it’s very apropos. Basically, Hazel watches whatever folders you tell her to, then she automatically organizes your files according to the rules you create.

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So, if you have a “Legal” file and you’re constantly creating new NDAs, Hazel can help you pop them right into place without even telling Adobe to do so. She’s a mind reader in the best sense of the word.

8. Alfred

Alfred and Hazel are two peas in a pod. Hazel organizes everything into an effortless cascade of tidiness. Alfred helps you immediately peel through those layers and get exactly what you need.

People like to call it Spotlight on steroids. You can search your Macbook and the web through a series of hotkeys, keywords, text expansions, and more.

Alfred helps you browse, preview files, and take action on them without lifting your fingers off the keyboard. In the end, you’ll have speedier, more efficient processes.

The Best Apps for Mac Users

And there you have it. These are the best apps for Mac users that will give you the perfect everyday experience. With this arsenal, you can stay organized, memorialize your days, edit your photos to glorious perfection, and share documents the fast and easy way.

As you continue to take full advantage of your Macbook and amp up your technical know-how, we invite you to keep coming back to visit our site.

It’s continually being updated, with your technological advances in mind.


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