8 Interesting Ideas to Plan a Short Vacation


Week after week going from work to home and getting the necessary chores done gets boring really fast. Besides, with a lot of people living on tough working schedules, tight project deadlines, or parents working around the clock according to their children’s needs and schedules, it makes you almost crave some time off every now and then.

However, going for a weekend getaway, short vacation, or even a road trip every now and then is better than waiting for that one grand trip to some exotic location. These short breaks work wonders in keeping you motivated and ready to continue doing your best.

Here are some interesting ideas to plan your short or spontaneous vacation with your partner, family, friends, or kids.

Hit the beach

A trip to the beach is the best way to relax, sunbathe, go in the water for swimming, and unwind. You can plan your beach trip according to your preference. You can keep it very economically by going to a public beach and taking a picnic with you or you can book a room in a resort with a private beach and enjoy a luxurious trip, lounging in the sun while sipping on a refreshing tropical beverage.

Besides, if you are looking for a more eventful trip then you can also enjoy many activities like water sports. However, you may choose to spend your beach vacation, it will definitely help you forget about the routine back home.

Visit a theme park

One of the best weekend trips to take, particularly if you are traveling with kids or you enjoy rides and adventurous activities, is to go to a theme or adventure park. You can find many options for exciting theme parks and you can pick one according to your convenience. From fun water parks, adventure parks with a wide variety of rides and rollercoasters to Hollywood and other theme parks that take you into the magical world of your favorite characters, you are definitely in for a memorable trip. So, make sure you select your destination, like Dollywood or any other theme park, keeping your needs in mind. like Seaside and Astoria.

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A lot of these theme parks offer rides and other exciting activities for visitors of all ages and most of them have lodging facilities within the proximity of the park, which makes it easy to plan a 1- or 2-day trip.

Make a foodie trip

If you are truly a foodie, no other trip will make you as happy and satisfied as going for a food trip. Many people have a list of a few places or cities they want to visit to try their popular food joints and restaurants that they are known for. Hence, a fun weekend getaway would be visiting one of these food destinations and hitting all the popular places and trying different cuisines and flavors. That said, don’t forget to share your experience and satisfying images with your Instagram followers.

Make a spontaneous trip to close by cities

A lot of time, a change of scenery is enough to boost up your motivation and help you relax. A spontaneous road trip to any city within close proximity from where you live can be a fun way to spend your weekend. Many people enjoy spontaneity and road trips more than exploring the new city they are visiting. Whatever the case may be with you, make sure you take it easy and avoid traveling anxiety. Besides, you can spend your time sightseeing, trying new restaurants and fun activities, shopping, and a lot more.

Yoga retreat

If you are spiritual or like to meditate, you might be able to feel the most relaxed and happy in a yoga retreat. This would be a great way to leave behind the stress and anxiety of work and any other aspect of your life behind and unwind in the true sense. It’s also a good way to spend some time with yourself and to practice mindfulness. Hence, a good weekend getaway option would be to visit a yoga retreat and cleanse your mind and body.

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Go to museums and art galleries

Planning a short trip is all about finding something that you enjoy and helps you relax and unwind. If you like to learn new things, go to museums and collect or look at art and artifacts you might enjoy going to museums or art galleries. If you haven’t had the chance to explore museums in your city you can plan an entire day doing activities that you enjoy. That said, if you want to really experience a short vacation you can also visit another city with rich culture and the best museums.

You can plan this trip with your partner, friends, or hit the road solo.

Look up music festivals

Music festivals are a lot more common than you might think. If you are a music lover or like going to concerts and music festivals, then that might be a good way for you to take a short break from the routine. If you already know about an upcoming music festival then you can plan a short trip for it with your friends. Otherwise, you can look up music festivals near me and you can find your options and plan for it. Music is a great way to unwind, and music festivals are often a lot of fun when you plan them with your friends. 

Go to a local resort

You don’t necessarily need to go to a new city to take a break from your busy schedule. You can also have a relaxing and enjoyable experience in your own city by taking a day or two trips in a luxury resort. Most resorts offer a lot of interesting amenities and services from massages, pool, indoor games, gym, and a lot more. If you like you can also book a spa day for you and your friends and enjoy a lazy and relaxing day at the salon. A spa and salon day over the weekend, will not only make you look and feel your best during the week but it’s also a good way of unwinding and letting go of the stress in your body.  

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