8 Ways to Watch Movies Together



So are you in search of some hassle-free streaming solution? We recommend planning a watch party through a video chat platform like Skype, Zoom, or a Houseparty. In this way, everyone can discuss a movie, and then all you have to do is press play and enjoy your movie time with minimal tech tools.

Moreover, to use Skype and Zoom, you only have to create an account and start a meeting. This will form a link that can be sent to your family and friends. At the same time, Houseparty enables users to engage in further activities such as games during video calls. All you have to do is close the group to the public as soon as everyone has joined the ‘room,’ or else any stranger can quickly enter your movie marathon.


This software enables you to video chat and sync-watch movies with others even from a significant distance which means you can watch at the same time as others. Gaze is known to be user-friendly, which indicates that your kids will face no issues operating the interface. However, it is known to be a YouTube-specific service, so that makes the streaming options limited.


This is a new Google extension service that allows subscribers to chat and even watch the movie together that too at the same time.

Amazon Prime Watch Party

If you are looking for a movie selection on Prime Video, you can access Amazon’s Watch Party feature to watch movies together online. When in beta mode, the part can be accessed on a computer only. It is not available for tablets, smartphones, or smart TVs. Also, this watch party feature is not for the Safari browser.

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On the other hand, Watch Party allows you to chat with around 100 friends at once and is workable for both movies and TV shows that come with Prime.


This is a web-based app that allows you to watch Marvel movies in order together by offering a variety of services. You have no limit on people here who can join the watch party, and you can also allow all participants to use their webcam and microphone while watching the movie.

Two seven enables you to stream services like HBO Now, Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. If you feel more adventurous any day, its premium version offers you to watch Disney+ and Hulu, obviously at an extra fee.


This platform is similar to Netflix Party. It allows its subscribers to have movie time together, regardless of their location. All you have to do is look for the Watch Party icon, which can be found on the ‘Details page’ next to the ‘List’ option.

Right now, it is an online-only feature, but soon, it will be available on other devices as well.


The Rabbit platform allows you to play YouTube, Netflix, and several other online movies like Megan is Missing, including games with whoever you want. The users can easily share their browser here, due to which streaming possibilities are countless. All you have to do is create a chat room, send an invitation to your family and friends, and go ahead with binge-watching.


The users of Disnet+ GroupWatch can now sync up to around seven devices across the web, television, and mobile so that they can watch movies together. Keep in mind that it involves no chat-related feature; users can only interact through emoji reactions.

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To activate GroupWatch, you have to select an icon that shows three people in a group, which can be seen on the right side of the screen. This will help you generate a link that can be sent to family and friends for access.

So here we have listed few best options that can make your online movie streaming experience great, and you can easily enjoy watching with your friends and family.


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