9 Compelling Reasons to Install Hybrid Flooring in Your Property


If you are looking around for flooring that has the look and feel of solid wood and state-of-the-art features of luxurious vinyl planks, look no further than hybrid flooring.

This flooring type is cutting edge and allows you to enjoy the appearance of natural wood without the price and maintenance. 

Facts About Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring is sometimes dubbed as the future of flooring. It has the best laminate and vinyl features for durable rigid flooring that is as functional as it is aesthetic. It is designed from multiple layers that are pressed together. It results in an extraordinarily long-lasting and hard-wearing as well as visually mesmerizing floor. 

  • Water resistance

One of the advantages of hybrid flooring is it is waterproof. You can even immerse a plank of hybrid flooring in water for one week or even more without the material ever swelling. You only need to apply a quick wipe down, and it will be unaffected.

This feature makes it superb for rooms exposed to high levels of moisture or increased odds of spills. Spaces such as laundries and bathrooms are vulnerable to these. It is also an excellent flooring for commercial application and your home areas that experience high foot traffic.

  • You can DIY the installation.

Since it has a user-friendly tongue and groove design, hybrid flooring is well-suited for DIY installation and will require minimal tools and equipment.

  • Durability

If you have kids or pets, then you will require suitable flooring. You will know precisely how critical durable flooring is. Since hybrid flooring has rigid core technology, it is manufactured to be resistant to such elements as UV light, stains, and scratches. It makes them an ideal option for households that are busy.

  • Weather extremes
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Hybrid floorings will typically have a multi – layered construction, making them resistant to harsh sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations. In contrast, some flooring types are at risk of either shrinking or expanding under these harsh conditions. In contrast, hybrid flooring was designed to maintain its form under any condition.

  • Soundproofing

Although some floors will generate a hollow sound when walked upon, hybrid floorings’ state-of-the-art core technology helps produce a solid step with mitigated sound. It has an acoustic underlay making the steps seem light.

  • Aesthetic beauty

Hybrid flooring utilizes unique technology to imitate edges, variations, as well as textures found in solid wood. Hybrid flooring creates a stunning appearance compared to traditional hardwoods. 

  • Eco-friendly material

The core of hybrid flooring consists of limestone, bamboo dust, recycled wood, as well as virgin PVC. It is one of the most fantastic flooring choices in terms of eco-friendliness.

  • Effortless care and cleaning

There is zero need for you to apply cleaning products such as wax polish or other equipment. You only need a damp mop to maintain the sparkle and beauty of the floors. Regular sweeping, as well as vacuuming and spot cleaning, is also necessary. Hybrid flooring can stay stunning for years and years.

  • Comfort

Hybrid flooring has a rigid core construction providing a dense and comfortable walking surface. It is critical to choose a floor with an attached underlay that will enhance the cushioning effect.

Although hybrid floorings can make a fabulous addition to any area in your property, some rooms are particularly suitable for hybrid flooring. Rooms that are vulnerable to unexpected spills, as well as extreme levels of sun exposure, foot traffic, and moisture, will get great benefits from the resistant features of hybrid flooring.

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