A Guide to Buy Portable Tire Inflators


The compressed air within your tire inflator pump allows you to swiftly and efficiently inflate your vehicle’s tires. Maintaining your car’s tire pressure at the optimum level is critical for road safety. Should a roadside emergency arise, convenient access to your tire inflator is what you need.

With a portable tire inflator at hand, making frequent trips to your gas station to assess the pressure in your tires is not warranted. Using a tire inflator with a one or two-gallon capacity, you can plug into a standard power outlet. 

Importance of Maintaining Optimum Tire Pressure

Underinflated tires result in poor fuel economy and premature wear and tear. Although you may not realize this, your tire need not have a puncture to lose pressure. Overinflated tires can be equally damaging as they make your ride a rough one. 

Monitoring your tire pressure must become an integral component of your car maintenance routine. Checking this aspect regularly keeps you safe while on the road and saves you money. Replacing worn-out tires is an expensive proposition, so preserving your set of wheels becomes essential.

Buying Guide

Vital factors to consider when making a portable tire inflator purchase include:

Portability and Storage

Handheld tire inflators are typically lightweight, weighing less than six pounds. If you intend to store this device inside your vehicle, its size and weight must facilitate it. An inflator model with a provision to store the cord in a tiny inbuilt compartment is another practical convenience. 

Inflation Speed

Assess the time the tire inflator takes to inflate your vehicle’s tires fully. Accordingly, you can gauge the waiting period involved in an emergency. The faster your inflator pressurizes your tires, the shorter wait you will have.  

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The source of power indirectly also reveals the inflation speed. When connected to a battery’s terminals, heavy-duty tire inflators take well under five minutes to do the job as opposed to the slower plug-in models.

Hose and Cord Length

Using a long power cord and air hose, you can easily reach all four tires to inflate them. An eight-foot-long cord and a hose 18 to 26 inches in length serve your purpose well. 

Noise Level  

Depending on their size, portable inflators can be exceptionally loud and distracting. Select one that does not emit an annoying noise decibel and allows you to operate it relatively peacefully. 

Duty Cycle

This cycle refers to the time it takes for your tire inflator to cool down before using it again. Preferably opt for a portable inflator with a short duty cycle that does not involve a cooling-down period. A 50% duty cycle indicates that you can operate your inflator continuously as it does not warrant a cooldown.

Compatible with Your Tire Size

Some portable inflators are designed to inflate large tires, while others cater to small wheels. The inflator you choose must effectively inflate the size of tires your vehicle is fitted with. Only then will the inflator serve a functional purpose.

Also, check out the inbuilt automation features on your potential inflator so you can benefit from its extra conveniences. Scan through trustworthy reviews of reliable air tools before finalizing your pick.


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