A Useful Guide To Design Perfect Sleeve Packaging For Your Products

custom sleeve boxes

These days, manufacturers are shifting to using sleeve packaging for branding their products because they take less time for branding as compared to other types of custom boxes. One of the major mistakes that most brands make these days are spending a lot of money on the branding of their products. They spend thousands of dollars on advertising and sometimes, despite spending a lot of money on marketing, they fail to achieve fruitful results. 

What is sleeve packaging?

If you are running your brand and an idea of using custom packaging hit you, you must be searching for the best custom covering for your products. While you are browsing for the best packaging that can help your products look more alluring to your potential customers, you will stumble over the term “sleeve packaging”. Since it is very common these days, every brand is aware of this kind of packaging. 

If we try to define it in simple words, we can say that when we use sleeves or a piece of paper to wrap around a product we sell, we form a packaging which usually comprises of sleeves. While you are using this kind of wrapping, you can see how it is different from traditional wrapping. In contrary to the run-of-the-mill packaging, the packaging using sleeves is more decent because it doesn’t include unnecessary prints, unlike custom boxes. In addition to it, it also costs less than those boxes.

Why belly band packaging?

A sleeve box looks like a cylinder. Just like other boxes, custom sleeve boxes can also be chosen that will allow the brand to add the name of the brand, logo, nutritional value of the product, and much more on it. If you any other idea to make the packaging special, you can go for it. Adding cut-outs is the best idea for those looking for a unique wrapping for their products.

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Since we have understood it well that custom sleeve boxes play a major role in branding the product in the modern era, we are now going to provide you with some guidelines to follow for branding with this kind of modern packaging.

Choose custom sleeve boxes:

When it comes to using a custom box for covering your products, all you need to do is take a stock box and then adorn it with the design and content you like. Using a custom box is budget-friendly. So, if you are on a tight budget, you must go for a kind of envelope for your custom-made product. A custom box will allow you to design your box instead of looking for a cheap and ready-made box for encasing your products. There are plenty of benefits custom belly bandboxes come with. Firstly, you don’t have to think about rebranding your products or redesign the box every time you feel the need to sell a product.

Add cut-outs to the boxes:

Many sellers want to display different elements via the packaging they choose. For this purpose, adding cut-out to the packaging to showcase the design well is a good idea. When you add cut-outs, you make the customer get a glimpse of the product which is inside the packaging. This also increases the curiosity of the customer and gets compelled to buy that product.

Choose the shape that fits your needs:

It is a well-known fact that the packaging which is not suitable in terms of shape will not be able to accommodate the product it is selling. As a seller, you might be aware of the fact that the shape of the wrapping of a product mainly depends on the shape of the product. A seller cannot choose to have a packing that is different from the shape of the product itself. Therefore, the seller should choose a shape that suits the product he wants to sell. If you want to add multiple items to one box, you must make sure that the box is slightly bigger. It is recommended to use a bigger box for packing multiple boxes instead of choosing a small box for every small item.

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Add a ribbon:

Gone are the days when people used to use ribbons for packing gifts. These days, brands have started to use ribbon because it makes the sleeve box look more attractive than the kind of packaging that does not have any ribbon. Additionally, the ribbon gives a user a unique experience while he unboxes the product. If you are using a tray along with the sleeve, you might have to make it easy for the customer to unbox the product. In this situation, adding the ribbon is recommended. The customer will simply pull the ribbon and the tray will be pulled out along with it. This kind of unique creation can help a brand retain its customers. Many brands don’t spend money on ribbons because they think it is unnecessary to use a ribbon. However, it is not a good idea.

Make the packaging more protective:

Certain products need extra care and protection before they reach from seller to buyer. For this purpose, sellers have started to use folding carton boxes. Using this box is considered to be useful because when a box is folded, it gives an additional layer to the product inside it making it more protected.

The bottom line:

Sleeve boxes always with the promise to provide durability and reliability to sellers who use them for accommodating their products and outperforming others in the market. Therefore, the seller should be in a better position to use the box which can create influence. We have seen different tips that can be followed by people wanting to have a new and strong customer base. They can follow these tips and see how to belly band packaging can make a difference in the way these businesses operate.

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