Be Work-From-Home Ready: 6 Tips for Staying Productive at Home


Because of the pandemic, most of us, if not some, really prefer to stay home. This is also the reason why some of us now work from home. Yes, we get the pleasure of working in our pajamas. We enjoy the perks of not needing to hit the road and battle heavy traffic. But despite this, we could not deny that we are somewhat unprepared and still adjusting to the new work and life balance. If you are one of those who struggle working at home, this article is for you. Here are some of the tips that we can share with you when you work at home:

1. Set up your workspace

The key to having a work-life balance at home is to set your boundaries. You can do this by setting up a workspace in your home where you can do your work. Transform a room in your house into an office where you can go and block noise and distractions. If possible, choose a room that has natural sunlight. If you cannot set up your home office yet, you can get a lap desk where you can properly work. Just make sure to avoid working on your bed.

2. Dress up for work

Apparently, if you really want to focus on working at home, dressing up even if you are just going to stay at home will help you condition yourself to work. It can be comfortable so work in your pajamas, but it will also be comfortable enough for you to be lulled into a nap and not be productive anymore. Dressing up for work can serve as a wake-up call for you that it is time for work. it helps us draw the line between work and home.

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3. Be strict with your working hours

If you would not be strict with your working hours, you will end up stealing time from when you should be resting. Considering this for when you are in the office, this will mean that you are taking lots and lots of overtime without pay. The real trick with working from home managing your time. This task can really be challenging. The solution to this is to also ask for help from the people you live with. You can talk to them and set boundaries about the time you should work which is the time when they should minimize tasks that would cause a distraction for you.

4. Avoid the news or any other mental load apart from work

When we go to our offices, we only think about our tasks, workload, and other work-related stuff. This is because the environment makes it easy for us. But when we are in our homes, our mental load can be mixed up with work. Do we pass this proposal, or do we do cook lunch? Should we soak our laundry now or should we compose our email? The mental load becomes more mixed up and challenging to control when we hear stressful news.

As much as possible, we must veer away from things that we know will distract us. Do not check the news first while you are working. As for your household chores, you can set up a schedule for when you should do the things you need to do. Double the recipe when you are cooking, so you or your family just need to reheat leftover food.

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5. Socialize

Working from home may have its perks but it can sometimes be lonely. You do not get to talk to your workmates or have lunches out with them. You do not get to talk about how you hate this task and that. Even if you are working from home, this should not stop you from socializing and talking with your workmates. Especially today, everyone needs someone to talk to. Even a simple “how are you?” will help. With the messaging app used by your company, you can drop by and chat with your workmates.

6. Schedule your breaks

Without our managers, it can be difficult to be disciplined and regulate our breaks. By working from home, we tend to take excessive breaks. Well, it can be relaxing to take lots of breaks, but our productivity will be affected by this. In turn, we would still need to compensate for not reaching our targets, thereby the need to take overtime work. This is the reason why it should be clear to you when your breaks should be. Schedule your breaks and as much as possible, let go of your phone and keep yourself off social media.

Do your best

Here are some of the tips for you to be productive in working at home. It is also important to get all the help you need. For help in choosing the right items for your work, can offer you different fun and unique storage and office needs.


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