Best Neighborhoods for Aging Adults in Canada


Famous for its compelling beauty and friendly people, Canada is a fantastic retirement location. Also, given the high quality of its healthcare and security, it is unsurprising that Canada offers an amazing lifestyle for older persons.

There are a lot of criteria to consider when older adults look for a neighborhood to enjoy their retirement years. These criteria may include safety, excellent healthcare, good life quality, and socialization opportunities.

Now, with the awareness that places with the features mentioned above, and perhaps more, make life easier and improve the general well-being of people, older adults will always favor a move to such areas.

With a beautiful approach to care, Seasons Retirement offers a range of living options for older adults in Canada, including independent living, independent supportive living, assisted living, and memory care. See here to find out more about the best places to retire in the country.

Going on, the following are some of the best places for your aging loved one to reside in Canada.

1.    Parksville

Parksville is one of the country’s best retirement locations. In fact, the city is renowned as “Canada’s retirement capital” due to the vast percentage of older adults in its population. Given its location on Vancouver Island’s east coast, the Mediterranean weather present in Parksville is understandable.

In this city, several activities suit the adult lifestyle. For instance, golfing is a popular activity amongst adults here, and the sport can be played almost all year round. Also, Parksville is famous for its sandy beaches. Meanwhile, the Strait of Georgia is a great location with an amazing view. After all, it is home to whales, seals, and other marine wildlife.

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Parksville is a city where your loved ones would enjoy their best life. They have several important social amenities that would easily catch the attention of older persons. The close proximity to the Drayton Valley Hospital and Care Centre, and a local shopping center makes this city a great retirement location.

If you still have doubts about the credentials of this place, wait till you witness Parksville Beachfest, a sandcastle building event that is held every summer. 

2.    Drayton Valley

A serene location for older adults in Canada, Drayton Valley is one of the best places to stay. Drayton Valley is a small town in central Alberta with a population of 7,235 people. In this area, the percentage of people above the age of 65 is about 2.5%, and the population’s average age is 34 years.

Drayton Valley’s affinity for sports and other physical activities can be seen in its construction of a community sports center called an Omniplex. In addition, while skiing is more popular amongst the town’s younger population, the Golf and Country Club is known to bring older adults together.

3.    West Vancouver

Just like Parksville, West Vancouver is located within British Columbia – the westernmost province of Canada.

The geographical situation of these two beautiful cities only underlines the popular opinion that British Columbia is a dream retirement location. West Vancouver is a beautiful city and is considered even more attractive for statistics like low taxes and low crime rate.

West Vancouver is mainly residential, and by law, industries are prohibited from the city. So, life is a lot easier while the environment is safer for the health of the city’s population. In West Vancouver, a report suggests that older persons prefer residing in independent living communities, as they offer a much healthier atmosphere.

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4.    Cambridge

Located in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Cambridge is a city in Ontario, Canada. With a population of 129,980 people, it is clear that Cambridge is a big city. However, it is worth noting that 14.5% of that population is above 65 years, while the median age is 39.7 years.

With its moderately cold winters and mildly hot summers, Cambridge’s climate is typical of southwestern Ontario cities. Now, whether the weather is hot or cold, Cambridge knows how to throw a great party.

There are several events and activities deeply rooted in the history and culture of Cambridge. These events include annual music festivals and cultural fairs that have been tending to the entertainment of locals and visitors for a very long time.

Cambridge is the perfect city for your older loved ones to enjoy a great post-retirement life. For this reason,

5.    Niagara Falls

One could argue that this list is incomplete without the inclusion of Niagara Falls. The city’s various parks are a delight to behold. Furthermore, Niagara Falls has a plethora of attractions and places to visit, which is typical of Ontario cities.

You will love visiting your loved one in Niagara Falls. Meanwhile, your nature-loving parents or grandparents would enjoy living in a city near two of the Great Lakes. These water bodies are just a half-hour away from Niagara Falls.


This write-up has listed five of the best living places for your aging loved ones in Canada. Furthermore, it discusses the best features of the cities mentioned above while outlining some of their best senior living options. Make sure you get advice and guidance from professionals before making any decision.

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