5 Helpful Tax Softwares in 2022


Tax season can be confusing and frustrating, especially when you feel you have no idea what you’re doing. There are many convenient ways to file your taxes without pulling your hair out. Lucky for you, many companies have set out to make the process easier for individuals with tech and software solutions.

Top 5 Tax Softwares in 2022

Here is a brief review of five useful 2022 tax software options to check out if you need some assistance. Let’s get started!

1. Use IRS Free File

If you meet the financial qualifications, you can file your taxes for free using tax software provided by the IRS. This is great for those wishing to save as much as possible on their taxes while still getting the returns they deserve. There may be a few additional fees if your income is complex or if there are some deductions involved, but in any case, it won’t be overly expensive. 

If you involve a financial advisor to help with your taxes, know that many financial advisors are familiar with this software. This is a common choice for tax software for tax preparers and is one of the most commonly used amongst individuals and tax preparers. 

2. Use TaxAct Software 

There are many DIY approaches to tax filing with tax software options today. 

With TaxAct, you can get in touch with expert assistance for each filing package. You can also enjoy savings on student and child credits. Plus, you’ll spend less than you would on alternative software options. 

You can also review your information with red flag tools that cite errors as you go. This way, you can check your work before submitting it and avoid any issues with your filing. You can also upload your document and import it using a convenient and straightforward data entry process. 

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3. Consider Using TaxSlayer 

With TaxSlayer, you pay a considerably lower price on packages geared towards self-employed individuals. Comparable options go for double the cost! Plus, each package includes support over the phone and email. You also get to reach out to a professional tax expert as needed with on-demand services. The interface is even easy to use. 

You can schedule reminders to pay your quarterly taxes promptly. Additionally, you can use the IRS Free File option through TaxSlayer if you had an income of under $39,000 last year. You would specifically be using this program to file for returns (federal and/or state). These filings are cost-free through TaxSlayer. 

4. H&R Block Software

You can upload your tax documents using a data entry that is quick and seamless. Navigation is simple and includes instructions. You can also work in chunks and come back to where you were later if you start to feel overwhelmed halfway through, as it will save your input information.  

There are also tax experts available for assistance in all U.S. states that you can get the help you need to file, either in person or virtually. The quality of the H&R Block explains the added cost involved with the service. 

5. TurboTax Filing Software

There is a free version of TurboTax for those who meet qualifications. You can also more easily itemize deductions compared to other options. The data entry is quick for uploading your documents, and you can use imports through convenient options like QuickBooks. 

TurboTax is the ideal option if you’re looking to find software that best supports gig economy work. You can upload your documents from various platforms for easy filing of your complex income. 

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The Bottom Line

No matter your situation, there is tax software that can help you get through tax season. The above are some of the top-rated options for DIY approaches to tax filing. Consider these choices as you address your taxes this year. Indeed, there are options for the 9 AM-5 PM worker to the freelancer! 


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