Best Trusted Vape Pen Brands in 2022


If you’re looking to buy your first vape pen, then this article is for you. We review some of the best vape pen brands you can find in the market in 2022. Read on! 

Guide to Buying Vape Pens 

Buying your first vape pen can be daunting, considering the plethora of mods and brands you can choose from — this section will help you understand what you should be looking for when buying a vape pen. 

What are Vape Pens? 

Vape pens are battery powered devices created as a good alternative to traditional cigarettes. They come in different designs and specifications, but they all use flavored e-liquids. Many of them are rechargeable, while others are disposable.

But how do they work? A cartridge or pod holds the e-liquid, which is then heated by an atomizer. The heating process releases vapor containing the flavor (and sometimes nicotine) of the liquid. 

Things to Consider

When buying a vape pen, it’s wise to take someone with experience or familiarity with how such devices work. This person will help you determine whether the brand or mod you’re considering is good. Don’t forget to vet the following: 

  • Battery: vape pens often have built-in rechargeable batteries with various strengths. They typically last a couple of days with light use. 
  • Flavoring: flavoring depends on various other features, such as airflow, temperature, and heating methodology. Vape pens don’t often have temperature control features given their size and design, but they often have varying levels of airflow control features. 
  • Materials and Design: most vape pens come in compact sizes and sleek, stylish designs. They can also be made from various materials, such as stainless steel, carbon fiber, ceramic, and pyrex glass. You should avoid vape pens with easily meltable materials like titanium alloys, silicon, and teflon. 


Best for: beginning vapers who want fast-charging, stylish vape pens 


The MYLE vape pen is best for complete beginners who want something that’s better than Juul but still newbie-friendly. It’s simple and easy to use, sports a great airflow, and delivers a fantastic mouth-to-lung hit.

Products Features

Their vape pens have an improved LED indicator system that uses four lights. They indicate the device’s current battery life, letting you know the best time to recharge it. Its closed pod holds 0.9ml of e-liquid; it also houses the coil. The vape’s main body has an integrated 240mAh battery. 

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You can charge the device through a USB port. Their goal here is to let you charge quickly and conveniently. Moreover, each pod holds e-liquids with 50mg/ml of nicotine — that’s around 240 puffs per pod. The vape pen doesn’t have any buttons. Rather, They’ve given it an air-activated sensor that’s triggered by simply inhaling from the mouthpiece. 

What’s more, they also offer disposable devices. Their MYLE Mini Disposable comes with two disposable devices with 1.2ml of e-liquid. Each device is fully charged and produces about 320 puffs per pod and 5% nicotine by volume. 


The MYLE starter kits start at $24.99, while their disposables start at $11.99. They’re also giving out a 20% discount on all Red Products


  • Compact, sleek, and stylish 
  • Offers disposable pods 
  • LED indicator system 


  • No temperature control or variable wattage 

Switch Mods Disposable 

Best for: vapers who want convenience and a wide variety of choices. 


Switch Mods is a popular brand for disposable vape pens. While it’s not perfect, Switch Mod’s disposable vape pens offer a powerful combo of e-juice flavors and fantastic hardware. These vape pens are easy to use, maintenance-free, and super convenient. 

Product Features

Switch Mods’ disposable has a battery capacity of 280mAh with a 1.3ml Pod and 5% Nicotine Salt. Its power range is between 7 to 12W.  The battery supports over 300 puffs — more than enough to last you for the whole day. 

This brand is perfect for those who want to ‘plug and play’ — simply unpack your Switch Mods disposable and start vaping. No charging or filling is needed. When you’re done, you can throw the vape pen away and open another Switch Mods pen up. 

You can also choose from a wide range of e-flavors, including:

  • Lychee Ice
  • Berry
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Green Apple
  • Peach Ice
  • Mango 

And more. 


You can score Switch Mods disposable vape pens from $6 to $10 —  this low price is absolutely economical. It also makes it a perfect choice of vape pen brand for new, intermediate, and advanced vapers. 


  • Maintenance-free
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Lasts 300+ puffs 
  • Has a wide range of flavors 


  • Only has 5% nicotine level
  • Menthol after-taste in some flavors 

SMOK Novo 

Best for: complete beginners who want to try vaping out. 


The SMOK Novo is one of the smallest and most compact vape pens around. But its compact size doesn’t ruin its smoke output. On top of that, the set is highly durable and long-lasting. It also has a button-less design. 

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Product Features

The SMOK Novo kit comes with 2ml Novo Pod cartridges that you can readily fill with your favorite e-juice. It has a small micro-USB connection and sports a snakeskin design. It comes in eight colors. Though small, SMOK Novo packs a powerful 450mAh battery. It can last much longer than other similar devices — each pod can last at least a week. 

SMOK Novo’s buttonless design allows for easy handling. It relies on an air-activated sensor that’s triggered whenever you take a puff. This makes it easier to use for complete beginners. Removing and replacing the pods is straightforward: just pull out the old pod and put a fresh one into the main body of the vape pen. 


You can buy the SMOK Novo kit for $20.50 to $24.99, including the charging cable, pods, and user manual. It has everything you need to start vaping except the vape juice. 


  • Ultra-portable
  • Has a buttonless design 
  • Long-lasting 


  • Short USB charging cable 
  • No variable wattage or temperature control 

Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus

Best for: beginner-to-intermediate vapers who want more vaping power. 


Vaporesso offers the Sky Solo Plus, a pen-style vape with an internal, non-removable battery with an 8ml integrated tank. This is the larger sibling of the Sky Solo device with a bigger battery and e-liquid capacity. 

Products & Features

Inside the box, you get the Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus device, which consists of the tank, and two GT meshed coils. Spare o-rings are also included, along with the USB cable, user manual, and warranty. 

Sky Solo Plus has a powerful 3000mAh internal battery. It has a button and three LED battery indicators. You can’t remove its tank, so you can’t mod it or put the tank on other vape devices. To fill the tank, unscrew the top cap from the tank and decant your favorite e-liquid into the fill port. 

Sky Solo Plus has a five-click action: click 5 times to turn it on, and click 5 times to turn it off. To start vaping, simply press the button and puff away. The 3000mAh battery provides plenty of power, and charging the device to full only takes around 110 minutes. 


The Sky Solo Plus costs $36.90. Its smaller counterpart, Sky Solo, costs $28.90. 

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  • Has 3000mAh battery
  • Five-click on/off button 
  • Super GT mesh coils 


  • No airflow control
  • Reports of leakage 

Joyetech AIO

Best for: beginners and for those who want to quit smoking. 


Joyetech AIO (all-in-one) vape pen that’s perfect for you if you’re taking the first steps to quitting smoking. As an all-in-one device, the vape’s 2ml refill tank system is incorporated into the vape pen body rather than a separate tank. 

Products & Features

Joyetech AIO vape pen has three main components: 

  • Battery 
  • Top cap mouthpiece
  • Atomizer coil heads

This simplifies things for beginners. The coil is an SS316, which is a great starter coil for newbies. It has a 1500mAh battery — with 0.6 Ohm coils, it can last a day without charging. The LED light around the firing button blinks out when charging is complete. Meanwhile, the device also has a five-click action: click five times to turn it on and five times again to turn it off. 

One notable feature of the Joyetech AIO vape pen is the child lock mechanism similar to e-bottle liquids. Instead of simply rotating the airflow ring, you should apply some pressure first before turning it. 

Overall, this product isn’t only beginner-friendly; it’s also great for advanced vapers looking for a simpler and more convenient sub-ohm device to carry around. 


You can score the Joyetech AIO vape pen for only $18.30 to $25.99 in colors of black, black/gray, black/white, red/white, and others. 


  • Compact and easy to carry 
  • Has a child-lock feature 
  • Great for beginners 


  • Tight cigarette-like draw 
  • Cleaning the tank is difficult 


Vape pens are great alternatives to cigarettes, especially for those who want to kick the habit and start a new hobby. They’re also great for vapers who want more convenient ways to take their vapes with them. The brands mentioned here all provide top-notch quality vape pens that you should consider trying out. 


What is the difference between an e-cigarette and a vape pen?

There is virtually no difference between e-cigarettes and vape pens. However, vape pens are often used to describe a specific type of e-cigarette based on its compact size and simple use. 

What can vape pens be used for?

Vape pens can be used to deliver nicotine, cannabis (THC, CBD), flavorings, and other substances.  


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