Best Upgrades to Look for Before Your First Off-Roading Trip This Summer!


Going off-roading in a nearby mountain range or through the desert is a great way to take advantage of summer. If it’s been a while since you and your truck hit the backroads, get your vehicle inspected for any safety concerns. Then, check out this selection of upgrades for your first trip, from shock absorbers made by King Shocks to a new set of tires.

New Suspension

Besides your tires, your suspension is the part of your truck that takes the biggest pounding on backroads. Also, if your suspension isn’t in tip-top shape, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Installing a new one protects your engine and keeps you level on the road. 

Upgraded Lift Kits

Get a little higher off the ground by installing a lift kit from Pro Comp or another top brand. If you don’t have experience replacing your front struts, ask an expert for help. You’ll feel the difference as you cruise down a mountain road six inches higher than normal. 

Leveling Kits

Most trucks’ fronts ride slightly lower than their backs. Normally, this doesn’t make a big difference, but the roughness of off-roading can make you feel off-balance. FOX leveling kits work similarly to lift kits. Instead of raising your entire truck, they just eliminate the difference between the front and back heights.

Motorized Winches

Putting safety first is a necessity on all your summer adventures and especially the ones that involve off-roading. Invest in a motorized winch so that you can quickly pull your truck out of a ditch or assist another driver.

Sturdy Tires

Thick tires designed for off-roading are an essential upgrade this summer. The treads should be much denser than normal ones so that they can move through mud and over rocks. If you’re driving on a combination of highways and backroads, consider a set of all-terrain tires, which don’t lose their traction when you’re on asphalt.

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Mud Flaps

Especially if you drive in an area that gets a lot of rain, mud flaps keep rocks, dirt, and dust from getting all over your truck. The rubber flaps hang next to your tires and give your fender wells a hand with protecting the rest of the vehicle.

Off-Roading Lights

Off-roading at night is much more dangerous and should only be attempted by people who have lots of experience. Additionally, having a map, a first aid kit, a winch, and a fully-charged battery is a must if you’re going out at night. Still, you can make your excursion safer by investing in headlights designed for off-roading. These strong lights account for the fact that you probably can’t use streetlights or other drivers’ headlights to guide your way.

Waterproof Floor Mats

If you’re jumping in and out of your truck as you go off-roading, you might not take the time to clean the mud off your boots. Laying down heavy-duty floor mats protects your truck’s carpeting and makes it easier to clean.

Dive into this year’s off-roading season by upgrading your truck with these popular mods.


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