Best Way to Tackle Domineers at Work!


The term bullying isn’t new. You may come across domineers in every stage of life. Though domineers were found only in school or college, but surprisingly, their presence can be seen in workplace too. The act is done to target their competitors with an intention to humiliate and offend them emotionally, physically or mentally. If you have gone through humiliation of any kind, there are ample ways to get out of such deeds. By way of illustration, when your bullies are out of workplace, having a session of rummy can really throw an inspiration and teach you some great lessons of life. So, before we get deep into the details, let’s first understand how to identify domineers in your workplace. 

Identifying Bullies at Workplace

  • Hearing insulting words from targeted people is the first sign of being bullied by them. Though it need not be physical, being verbally offended to the extent that hurts one’s dignity and self-confidence is also considered as bullying.
  • Seeing a group of people unnecessarily humiliating is also a clear sign of bullying.
  • Coming through some harsh criticism is also a sign that you need to evaluate the situation further. It may also sometimes a sign of bullying.
  • Co-workers cracking jokes around you and doing that repeatedly until you feel uncomfortable is no less than being bullied.
  • Providing incorrect information purposely concerning work with an intention to offend you, clearly indicates of you being bullied.

Best Ways to Tackle Domineers at Workspace

Though there are many ideas to come out of such disturbing environment around, but one best technique is playing Online Rummy. Here’s how by incorporating the game in your workspace, of course during free time can work wonders for you. Let’s get started:

  • Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings rather than getting disheartened and hopeless. Also, look for positivity or solutions that favors you. Well, again Online Rummy can work as a rescuer to you.  
  • Suggest some recreational activities to your organization. For example, once in a week can be dedicated to such activities, such as playing rummy. The game is known to create a pleasant environment where people feel safe and comfortable in sharing whatever they are feeling. By playing such multiple employee engagement activities can assist in getting to know each other better. There are many platforms on which people can play Online Rummy with co-workers, such as at India’s Most Loved Rummy App. 
  • If problem still persists, try to be calm to your co-workers and resolve the issue on a good note. Sir together for sometime and if possible, introduce them to Online Rummy. Have a few sessions in your free time. Who knows your bullies become your best buddies for lifetime?
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To Conclude

Though workspace bullies can be found everywhere and is a common concern, it can turn out to be a serious problem if it’s not resolved soon. However, as said above, there are ways that can help you tackle with such people, provided you know the way. One of the mentioned ways is indulging them in this lucrative game of rummy. Of course, it doesn’t work, you can always seek other ideas, such as conducting informal meetings, involving senior management or HR department. Some go the other way, like changing the organization and moving to the other. But such steps should be avoided, as you aren’t sure that you won’t deal with the same situation in the future as well. The advice for you is to not take such concerns lightly. Resolve as soon as possible. 


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