Bleach and Vinegar: Clean Your Washing Machine With Just These Two Ingredients

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The thought of cleaning out your washing machine might not often occur to you. However, it is the most essential measure you can take to increase the longevity of your washing machine. Using just bleach and vinegar to clean out your washer can make the task less daunting and quick as well. 

Using bleach eliminates mould, mildew, and harmful bacteria and white vinegar help clean out the stubborn mineral deposits and soap scum. Here is how you can use just these two ingredients to clean top-loading as well as front-loading washing machines.

Steps to Clean Top-Loading Washing Machine

Step 1: Hot Water Wash with Bleach Soak

First, you need to fill up the tub of the washing machine with hot water and add around four cups or one quart of bleach, or hydrogen peroxide if you do not have bleach, to it. Then leave it be and let it soak for about an hour or so and then run a hot water wash cycle. This step will clean the mould and mildew that might have been growing inside your tub.

Step 2: Hot Water and White Vinegar Soak

Next, fill up the tub with hot water again and this time, add four cups of white vinegar to it. Let the mixture soak in your tub for an hour again.

Step 3: Wipe the Exterior

While the tub is soaking, drench a piece of cloth into the vinegar and hot water solution and wipe down the exterior of the washing machine along with the detergent dispensers.

Step 4: Hot Wash Cycle

Drain the vinegar soak and run another hot water wash cycle which will leave your washing machine spotless and smelling good.

Steps to Clean Front-Loading Washing Machine

Step 1: Hot Water and Vinegar Wash

Add two cups of white vinegar into the wash drum or the detergent tray and start a wash cycle. Make sure that the water setting is the hottest option. 

Step 2: Hot Water and Bleach Wash

Next, add two full cups of bleach directly into the wash drum or the detergent tray of your front-loading washing machine and run a similar wash cycle with the hottest water setting available. The first two steps ensure that all remnants of germs, bacteria and mould dissolves and washes away.

Step 3: Run a Rinse Cycle

After the two wash cycles, run a simple rinse cycle to clear out any leftover dirt and grime. 

Step 4: Clean Out Detergent Trays and Exterior

Take out all the removable parts of the washing machine like the detergent dispenser and fabric softener tray. Soak the parts in a bucket of warm water mixed with soap and then use a rag or sponge to clean them. Make sure that you dry them completely before placing them back. Don’t forget to clean the exterior of the washing machine as well. 

The dirt and grime that your washer collects over days and months make it much less proficient and effective. If you want your machine to keep working well, you have to set some time aside to keep your washing machine clean and efficient.

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