Since 1884, Breitling has been producing watches. Since its beginning, it has become one of the most recognized and popular brands in the watch-making industry. Breitling specializes in aviation watches, and many of its pieces are designed to meet modern aviation demands. They were designed to analyze flight data and send distress signals in case of Emergency. Breitling, the Swiss luxury watch specialist, crafted each watch to highlight its innovative spirit. 

World-Renowned Pilot’s Watches and Chronographs

Breitling features a watch with split-seconds chronographs and high-tech timepieces with smartwatch capabilities and distress signals. Breitling history of aviation and pilot watches is highlighted with the Navitimer and Chronomat. These two are the most popular pieces from the brand.  

The chronograph won the attention of many for its unique functions. For instance, a regular watch tells you the time, while a chronograph measures heart rate and calculates a person’s average speed. A chronograph being two watches in one is a must-have for timepieces enthusiasts. As a result, a chronograph drew more attention to this brand. 

Watch enthusiasts had identified Breitling as large watches with technical-looking dials. Moreover, its watch pieces had been associated with the military character. Every watch produced from this brand is a COSC-certified chronometer, a guarantee of outstanding accuracy. An unmistakable aesthetic code complements the mechanical feat of a Breitling watch. More than a century ago, this brand started crafting and designing men’s wristwatches. Breitling’s current men’s watch collection includes the Navitimer, Chronomat, and SuperOcean. All of these watches highlight features such as multi-functionality, life-saving capabilities, and other impressive special features.

Navitimer: The Most Popular Pilot Watches of All Time 

In the history of Breitling, the Navitimer is by far the brand’s most successful model. The latest models being launched continuously reflect the company’s innovative spirit. An icon among aviation watches, this watch can perform the same mathematical calculations as an on-board computer. Moreover, it is more than the usual chronograph. It is utilized to identify speed, climb, and descent rates, and fuel consumption, among many others. Current redesigned Navitimer models outfit the previous ones while maintaining the best features that those older models possess. 

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The Chronomat: A Signature All – Purpose Watch 

Introduced in 1984, the Chronomat celebrates the brand’s centenary and introduces the mechanical chronograph’s comeback. This watch is Breitling’s signature all-purpose watch for every task or adventure at home and in the outdoors. The Chronomat’s appeal captures both men and women alike. 

SuperOcean: Breitling’s Super Watch for Underwater 

For over 6o years, the SuperOcean diving watch has been a part of Breitling’s collection. The company takes great pride in the creation of the SuperOcean. The name stands for exceptional features. This watch is water-resistant up to 6,563 ft or 2,000 m. It possesses a helium escape valve and chronometer–certified precision, which made it famous to divers of all levels. 

Breitling: “Instruments for Professionals”

The company’s innovative spirit is reflected in one of its banners, “ Instruments for Professionals.”The pieces from this collection provide a perfect companion for every adventure.

Endurance PRO 

Creatively named as the ultimate athleisure watch, Endurance PRO is designed to be both a casual and a lightweight watch for athletes. This chronograph possesses a vibrant and colorful design. Notably, it blends high precision and innovative technology with style. 


Breitling, the Swiss luxury watch specialist, remarkably made another mark in the industry with the Emergency timepieces. The Emergency wristwatch is equipped with an authentic dual frequency distress beacon. Significantly, this watch is the world’s very first wristwatch to possess such features. The Emergency is an indispensable safety watch and survival tool for explorers in any given adventure.  

Aerospace Evo

Aerospace Evo is an heir to the legendary model Aerospace which was launched in 1985. The Aerospace was a multifunction chronograph equipped with state-of-the-art Swiss technology. During the 1980s, this innovation was a significant breakthrough. The Aerospace Evo has the same dynamic features as the original Aerospace. However, Aerospace Evo is an evolution of the original version. It is a fusion of power, technical style, and the latest electronic developments. 

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Another notable thing about Aerospace Evo is the chronometer-certified SuperQuartz™ caliber. Its uniqueness lies in its user-friendly control system with crown-activated functions, including 1/100th of a second chronograph, countdown timer, second time-zone, alarm, audible time signal with a minute repeater, and a calendar. 


Breitling Swiss Luxury Watch suits every wrist. Breitling has something for you, whether you want to dive in style, walk on the red carpet, travel on heights, or need a watch to accompany you on a daily routine. Lastly, its watch pieces are popular and are valued worldwide for their style, quality, and, most importantly, their performance. Indeed, Breitling is the superior Swiss luxury watch specialist. It is changing and improving through the years. This is done while maintaining the original features from the earlier models. 

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