A comedy series that will be broadcast on Comedy Central from the 25th of September of 2012 onwards, called Brickleberry, is going to be an animated television series. During the premiere of the show, Roger Black, the most critical guy driving this animated television series, was interviewed by fans of the series to see if they liked it.

Throughout several websites that are earning pools, there are a large number of great testimonials and results that prove what an outstanding series it is. IMDB, for example, has a mean consensus of 7.2 out of 10, which means there are more than 3,000 buffs who voted at that swimming pool and voted for that set also. Getting a show like that has a good chance of getting a higher number of viewers. The fact that IMDB can sometimes be somewhat unpleasant when evaluating this type of information material is also known to us.

It is estimated that the pilot episode of the show brought in just under 1.6 million viewers. Due to the fact that the ratings for this particular show have not dropped dramatically through the course of time, as opposed to many of the other TV shows whose seasons have been upwards from the atmosphere. As a result, the audience at their final incident declined to 0.92 million viewers, which is a significant decrease. It is a very unfortunate thing that the producers of this series do not wish to see happen, despite the fact that they are able to lose a significant portion of their group of followers as a result of this issue. In some series, it will be observed that more significant evaluations are falling as a result of declining ratings.

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As a result, this series was not able to avoid being cancelled after several seasons as a result of this tactic. In the meantime, there’s no indication that season 4 has been renewed yet since there hasn’t been a new picture on that one. Our opinion is that Brickleberry cannot be revived for simple reasons, and we’ll even take it a step further.

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