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The religious buildings usually work with a flexible schedule. The premise is usually open on weekends or specific days of the week, making it essential to have excellent church cleaning services that provide flexibility with quality services. We’ve prepared a cleaning checklist you should follow to make the church a clean and safe place for adults, children, and young people, especially in the covid situation to avoid the spread of germs.

A checklist is important as it helps to plan all the things including, what to clean? How often do you need cleaning? And, what will be the cleaning process? Let’s begin with the guide on how to properly keep the church premises clean.

Choose the Correct Equipment

Achieving a clear and clean building is only possible if you use the right equipment for cleaning. In this article, we will cover in detail which equipment to use in different areas of the building while cleaning.

Many people focus on the supplies rather than the equipment. This is where they go wrong. If you are cleaning the sanctuary floor, it will be much quicker if you do it using a machine. And, if you use a vacuum machine that is carried on the back, it will be more quick and comfortable than dragging it on the floor. The other cleaning equipment includes the sponges, brushes, and mops. Now, you need to make sure this basic equipment is used properly. It is not a good practice to use a sponge used in the kitchen and clean the nursery with it as well. Similarly, avoid using the restroom mops in the hallway. These mistakes can convert to serious health hazards.

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If you are not comfortable doing the cleaning yourself, there are multiple commercial cleaning service providers like Jan-Pro-Okc in Oklahoma to perform them for you.

Make a Checklist

Making a checklist will systemically organize the cleaning process. This way, you will not have to remember if you accidentally missed anything.

Entrance/Lobby Area

This area requires you to sweep the outer area of the entrance, dust the surfaces in the lobby, and vacuuming the rugs and carpets. It ensures a clean environment for people coming to church.


Empty and remove the trash in this area properly. Secondly, replace the plastic liners, if necessary. Nicely polish the wooden floors in the praying area. Other than that, pay special attention to cleaning and vacuuming the glass partition, windows, furniture, hallways behind the sanctuary, etc.

Kitchen & Other Areas

For the remaining part of the church, follow the same instructions. Clean the trash and everything present in the room. Use vacuum, mops, other necessary equipment to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Other Safety Actions

Once you have completed the cleaning, yourself or by hiring professional cleaners, the church is ready to be opened. In addition to church cleaning services, also ensure that the following precaution steps are taken:

  • Make the use of mask compulsory
  • Each person should have 6 feet distance from others
  • Keep a good ventilation space

Following these will make sure that no person gets sick and have a safe praying experience.

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