Cyber Security Threats: The Challenges in Securing IoT in 2021

The Challenges in Securing IoT in 2021
The Challenges in Securing IoT in 2021

The melding of the physical world with the digital; The Internet of Things, is expected to boom in 2021. 

According to McKinsey Global, more than 127 new devices are connected to the internet every second. 

Not only this but by 2025, the experts believe that more than 30 billion IoT connections will increase. This also brings the possibility of each person having 4 IoT devices on average.

However, the real question here is that what is the Internet of Things? 

Explaining IoT

The equipment and devices that are readable, locatable, addressable, and recognizable, and also controlled via the internet are called The Internet of Things (IoT). 

This also incorporates physical objects that communicate with each other. This can either be machine to machine or machine to people communication. 

To understand the concept of Internet of Things, think of it as a concept that encompasses edge computing devices that are various; from wearable tech to cars to even home appliances, all these devices come under IoT. 

Vulnerable to Malicious Attacks

As we have discussed earlier that IoT is booming in the current world and with the increase of internet usage it will continue to develop. 

However, while all of this brings humanity closer to a modernized world it also makes it vulnerable to malicious attackers. 

The current time in which we are functioning has already given attackers an easier approach to infiltrate and benefit from it. 

The Coronavirus outbreak is still prevailing and so is the lifestyle it has induced. 

Employees working from home, although having the pleasure of remote working, are also causing a great threat to the companies by using unreliable internet services and not following the policies to maintain a secure network. 

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Even before having life inside the home completely, an average household gets hit with 104 cybersecurity threats every month. 

It is especially because devices like laptops, computers, smartphones, cameras, and other similar devices are easily hackable, in turn, making the household vulnerable. 

In addition, apart from laptops and smartphones, most of the Internet of Things devices do not possess high storage capability. This makes it difficult for cybersecurity essentials such as antivirus, firewalls, and other similar software applications to make space for security. 

In the third quarter of 2020, a report by Check Point Research shows that an increase of up to 50% daily average number of ransomware threats have been calculated in the mid of 2020. 

What are the Primary Attacks to the Internet of Things?

The growing rate of remote working, studying from home, and other similar activities has brought an increase to the use of IoT devices. This has eventually made hackers more vigilant towards attacking people inside their homes via devices. 

However, apart from the vigilance of the hackers, people’s negligence is also a big factor in the increase of cyber society threats. 

For instance, even after realizing that life has become more dependent on the internet, people still prefer to rely on a slow and cheap internet service. 

While a cheap internet can save a few bucks it still comes at a cost – which is your privacy.

All your devices connected to the internet at home act as a support for the attackers who can infiltrate into your devices. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure you are using a reliable and secure internet connection. 

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There is a bunch of reliable, affordable, and secure high-speed internet connections serving across the country. 

For instance, Spectrum Internet, an internet, cable TV and home phone provider, is available across 40+ U.S. states. And the provider offers a wide variety of packages that make the lives of American households easier.

Spectrum TV select is one example of various packages from Spectrum for cable TV customers. Similarly, the provider has affordable internet deals to offer, as well.

Apart from having a slow internet service, there are more primary threats for IoT. 

Malware, denial of service, zero-day exploits, and passive wiretapping are some of them. 

Key Takeaway

Having a strong and reliable internet connection, having space available for anti-virus functioning, and a lot more will go into making your rest of 2021 secure.


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