Deal With Your Privacy in a Sustainable Way with a VPN!


The use of the internet becomes more necessary everyday. The internet offers us access to all kinds of useful applications, and websites. It also makes it possible to game against each other online. But because so many people use the internet worldwide, there is also a big chance that you encounter a lot of people with bad intentions on the internet. These people, often hackers, like to try to break into other people’s computers in order to steal their data or their important files. That is why it is important that you always ensure that your internet connection is optimally secured. This way you prevent hackers from having the chance to break into your computer and that your files are no longer safely stored. Not only the security of your files be in order, you should also take into account your privacy. Just like in real life, you have to guard your privacy so that people who have bad intentions cannot abuse your identity. In real life that might be easier, but on the internet, it is not clear for everyone how can to ensure that their identity remains protected. However, you can handle your online privacy sustainably by using a VPN. So, what is VPN?

What is a VPN?

If you use the internet and you search for images or websites, or you have conversations on WhatsApp or Facebook, all kind of information about you will be accessible online. It means you leave traces on what you do online. There is not much you can do about this, because if you want to see data from these websites, necessarily all kind of data is exchanged. This means that data from your computer is shared with the website and then you receive some data from the website you visit on your computer. Your data can then be bundled and collected. This by itself is not that bad, but it may be that your data is bundled and sold on to third parties. Once this happens, your data can be used (or misused) for all kinds of purposes. And of course, this is not your intention when you go online. By using a VPN, you ensure that your data does not become open and exposed, and certainly not bundled and resold. The word VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. If you translate it literally, it involves a private network that you connect to and then you ensure to connect securely to the internet. Your online privacy is therefore guaranteed because your data is encrypted. It means that your data is encrypted so that hackers and others cannot simply read along what you send or receive on your computer.

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Arrange a VPN!

An important advantage of using a VPN service is that your computer connects to a server that is often located abroad. This will assign you a different IP address. You are then less easy to be traced and it is also easier to connect to the internet in a secure way, protecting better your data. Although there are different providers, not all VPNs are free to use. Many providers charge a good monthly fee for the services they offer. A cheap VPN can of course also be found on the internet. One of the most famous free VPNs that you can download is: Wireguard. 

Regarding the term ¨kill switch, there is an important option that you can set in your VPN program. A kill switch is an automatic option within your VPN which ensures that your internet connection is automatically disconnected if you are not using it for a while. This way it is safer because no data exchange can take place in the meantime. So not even when you are not using the computer for a while. The most advanced VPN programs offer this option, while cheaper VPN providers or even free VPN connections can make this option possible.

How do you set up a VPN on your computer?

Once you have chosen a VPN provider, you can install a program that allows you to connect to the VPN. You often see a number of servers around the world (the range of servers depends on the type of subscription or depends on the VPN provider you have chosen). You can also choose a number of options, such as the kill switch option.

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Choose to use a VPN that keeps your data safe from third parties. Just like in real life, you should be very careful with your data and your personal information.


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