Easy Steps to Setup a Canon Wireless Printer

Easy Steps to Setup a Canon Wireless Printer

Canon is a reliable printer and known for good speed and quality. You can use your Canon device with your various systems. Earlier, users could use the printer in PC devices using the USB cable. But now you can connect the Canon printer with laptops, tablets, and phone devices too. Some advanced cameras have bridge software that can connect the camera to the printer directly. You don’t require to transfer the camera files to the PC for printouts. The Canon printer is very advanced yet easy to install. 

Unboxing Canon IP110 wireless printer

  1. Open your Canon printer box
  2. Take out your printer and check for any mishandling
  3. Remove the plastic protective layer from the printer and cartridge
  4. Check for the other accessories like USB cable, CD, and manual, power cord
  5. Use the power cable and switch on your Canon

If the lamp next to the power button is glowing then your Canon printer is working. Insert the cartridge on the Canon printer and now start setting your printer with the PC.

Canon printer driver download and installation

In account for connecting the Canon printer to your PC, the user needs to install the driver. A Canon printer driver is like a bridge that communicates with the printer. Users have to install the printer driver on PC to complete the Setup Canon ip110. You can get the Canon printer driver from the CD. Copy the Canon setup from the CD on your system. Run the setup and the Canon driver will get installed on your computer.

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If your system doesn’t have the CD drive; don’t worry you can install your setup from the internet. Visit the Canon website and go to the driver page. Search for the IP110 your printer model driver. Download the Canon setup on your computer. Go to the computer downloads and tap on Canon setup. Tap on downloaded setup to complete driver installation. After installing the Canon printer driver setup; the user can connect the printer to the PC and take the printouts.

Connecting Canon printer to your device (wireless connection)

You can use Canon with your PC, laptop, and even phone devices. Users can connect to the system by using the Wi-Fi feature on the printer. 

  1. Turn on your printer device
  2. Tap on the Setup button
  3. Press the Arrow buttons and choose Wireless LAN setup
  4. Tap the Other setup
  5. Choose the OK button and go to Cableless setup

Select the OK button and the wireless setup is completed. Now go to the device (PC, laptop, or phone) and go to the file. Give the print command and your Canon will start printing it. But, you can only take the printouts with those devices that have the driver. Check the printer driver before giving the print command.

Now, you can also connect the Canon printer directly with your network. Connecting the printer to the network allows printer sharing. When you add the printer to your network; the devices connected to that network can access your printer. Network printing is a valuable feature where all the members can share one Canon printer reliably.

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Connecting Canon printer to PC (via cable)

The most simple method for connecting your PC to the Canon printer is by using the cable. User can reliably connect the Canon device to the printer by following the mentioned steps:

  1. Open the Canon printer
  2. Take the cable and connect one side with your printer and another to your PC
  3. Turn on your Canon printer
  4. Go to the computer and tap on Settings
  5. Choose the Start menu 

Tap on the Devices folder and then hit on Add a Printer button. Wait for some time until your computer finds the printer. Now check the available device list and then choose your Canon printer. Use on-screen instructions for setting up the printer. Now open the document on your computer and press the Ctrl+P button. You will get the printer wizard on your screen. Inspect the wizard and then click on the Print button. Click on Canon and tap on the OK button. Check the Canon input tray for pages. Your Canon printing in error state will provide the printout of your documents. If the Canon printing in error state is showing any connecting or communication error then talk to the Canon printer team.


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