Easy Upgrades You Can Make to Your Truck This Weekend


If there’s something missing on your truck, but you aren’t willing to invest thousands on complicated customization kits, then it’s time to shop for easy upgrades. Check out tonneau covers, winch kits and side steps for trucks that are easy to install this weekend. Find an online store with fast shipping options to get your parts in time for a simple DIY project.

Installing Custom Mods

You don’t need to be a certified mechanic to install these custom mods. From truck covers for sale to window tinting, these custom mods are easy or only moderately difficult to install on your own. A few basic tools and some time this weekend is all you need to upgrade your ride.

Be sure to carefully follow installation instructions. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself or damage your truck this weekend. Check out online how-to videos and detailed installation instructions for safe, stress-free installation.

What Every Truck Needs

Not sure where to start? If the hundreds of mods and custom parts available have you feeling lost, then start with these basic mods that can improve the performance of any truck:

These basic items personalize your ride but are convenient in any situation. Headlights give you more low-light visibility, while seat covers and floor mats improve the comfort of your truck cab. Look for a soft tonneau cover for a budget-friendly upgrade, or invest in a sturdy hardcover to withstand impacts and other hazards.

What Work Trucks Need

After checking out the basic components every truck can use, it’s time for more personalized accessories. Here are some items that can help your work truck get the job done safely and effectively:

  • Tool boxes
  • Bed liner
  • Hitch
  • Aftermarket air intake and exhaust
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Add power, storage and hauling capabilities to your work truck before you head to the next job site. These components help you handle unexpected issues or continue to haul your tools and equipment to project after project.

Combine aftermarket air intake and exhaust components to improve the performance of your engine. These items alter the sound profile of your truck and can improve its horsepower and fuel economy.

What Off-Road Rigs Need

Don’t let a little mud or overgrown two-tracks keep you from driving where you want. An off-road truck can overcome obstacles and cruise across tough trails with some of these upgrades:

  • Winch
  • Fender flares
  • Off-road tires
  • Lift kit
  • Engine tune-up kit
  • Light bar

Illuminate the trail, fly over mud pits and protect the sides of your truck from loose gravel as you make your own trail. These items require some tools and more installation time than a new hitch or floor mats, but they offer the kind of off-road capabilities you deserve.

How To Prepare for Easy Upgrades This Weekend

Your favourite online store has the components you need for a fun-filled weekend. You don’t need to spend the entire weekend installing parts, so prepare to test them out as you haul heavy loads or take on demanding trails.


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