Engagement Rings: A Universal Symbol


One of the significant decisions in life is getting married. Some chose to get married at an earlier age; some waited for years to settle down. Whatever’s the preparation before one gets married, the couple formalizes their road to marriage by engagement, then solemnized with a wedding.

Simple engagement rings are considered a visible sign of a positive answer to a proposal. It served as a symbol. A ring is not necessary as long as both couples agree. It became popular in the social media age, where videos and photos served an announcement and became the norm. The round shape of the ring symbolizes infinite love and is usually worn on the left ring finger. The ring is sealed during the wedding. The wedding ring served as a seal to this infinite love initiated during the engagement proposal. For many couples, a worn ring is a sign of a successful proposal.

In these times where social media is influential, proposals went viral because of their uniqueness, and the world wants to celebrate with the couple. The question, “Will you marry me?” never goes out of style. The partner bent on one knee, an engagement ring and is completed when the other partner says, “Yes”.  

A Variety of Styles

If one is looking for an engagement ring, what designs and trends are currently on the market? What are the things to be considered in buying one? 

First, the person should consider the lifestyle of his or her partner. There are people who prefer minimalistic styles; others may have an active lifestyle and want their ring to be vibrant in terms of colour. Second, the design of the stone should also be considered since there is a lot to choose from in a jewellery store. It is good to narrow down the choices. In 2018, oval-cut diamonds were the most searched design. However, a design that is classic in nature is timeless. An accentuated diamond in a side stone solitaire makes the ring elegant, which retains its significance. 

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Engagement is a mutual promise of two people who have the desire to get married. It is also an official announcement of the couple on their intention to marry. Couples may do this privately or publicly. Whatever is the preference of the couple. Most couples, about 80%, celebrate their weddings within one year after the engagement. Engagement served as a sign for the couple and their families to prepare for their wedding ceremony. 

The History of Engagement Rings

Engagement is traced back to an ancient tradition practiced as a ritual. It was common in the past for the future husband to make negotiations with the bride’s father. If both parties agreed, marriage dowry would be handled by the groom to the bride’s father. This way, the engagement is made official. There are also cultures where the family of the bride and the bride herself brings the marriage dowry to the groom’s family. 

Today, an engagement ring serves as a symbol for a dowry. One may invest in it.  Though marriage dowry is not a popular practice, especially in foreign countries, one must consider the parents’ blessing important before the engagement commences. It is a sign of respect, especially for a man to ask for the approval of the parents of the bride. 


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