Adopting a Child in Georgia

Annually, there are more than 120,000 children adopted in the USA by stable and loving families. Perhaps, you also want to adopt this year. If so, you have come to the right place. Adoption is not something to be taken lightly. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before adopting a child in Georgia. This article includes all the basics that you need to know while adopting. These include,

#1. Get Ready for the Process

The most important step of adoption is getting approved by a licensed agency or a social worker. Now, the approval process involves a thorough home study. It is a good practice that you do the preparation beforehand, so you won’t have to face any issues on the day of the appointment. For that, organize all the relevant information including, educational background, medical records, employment information, and personal references.

#2. Prepare to Practice Patience

The adoption process can become lengthy and complicated depending on various factors like, is it a domestic adoption or international? Or, do you want to adopt an infant or a grown-up child? If you want the process to be shorter, be flexible as much as possible. Being open and flexible during the process increases the adoption pool for you, making it easy and quick to start your family.

Generally, the adoption process is time-taking and an emotional rollercoaster, so hire an adoption attorney who will provide the relevant support to ensure a smoother process.

#3. Take Pre-Adoption Counseling

As mentioned earlier, the adoption process is an emotional roller coaster. It is a good practice to seek professional help while going through the process. Counseling can help you with all the ongoing problems and will also prepare you for the potential issues. For instance, if you are going for private adoption in Georgia, they can emotionally prepare you for all the issues that commonly arise in this form of adoption.

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Pre-adoption counseling becomes vital when you are adopting a pre-teen or a grown-up kid. They usually go through some traumas in their early life, so handling them might get difficult. It will help you prepare for that.

#4. Keep the Financial Costs under Consideration

It’s amazing news if you have decided to adopt a child. But, don’t forget to consider the financial aspect. Firstly, figure out if you want private or public adoption. The private agencies have different costs that they charge. While, in the case of public adoption, the state might assist you in form of a subsidy. The other costs include the fees for adoption lawyers, medical expenses (uninsured), and court cases, etc. It is recommended that you get legal counsel before you start spending money on the adoption process.

Before getting too overwhelmed with the adoption, consider these fundamentals and new Georgia adoption laws so you are prepared for the process. If you have any concerns, you can always take assistance from adoption experts or people who have gone through the process themselves.

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