Everything You Need To Know About CCC SLP Certification


The Certified Clinical CCC SLP (speech-language pathologist) is a professional who provides rehabilitation and treatment services to individuals with communication disorders. This profession requires extensive knowledge and training in communication disorders and has a particular set of credentials and qualifications. 

The certification process includes an examination, case history, required hours of supervised practical experience, education, residency training or fellowship experience, application fees, fingerprinting fees, and criminal background check.

What Does CCC-SLP Stand For?

The “CC” stands for “Clinical Certified,” and the “SLP” stands for “speech-language pathologist.”

The CCC-SLP certification is a designation that denotes that an individual has graduated from a speech-language pathology school and is licensed to practice. 

Speech-language pathologists are trained to diagnose, treat communication disorders, and counsel individuals who need help or palliative care.

What is Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology?

The clinical competency exam is a standardized examination that measures an individual’s knowledge and skills in speech-language pathology. This exam evaluates whether an individual is competent to practice professional speech-language pathology services. 

Speech-language pathologists must meet the requirements of the examination of the board of registry for certification as a clinical certified speech-language pathologist (CC-SLP) and pass the final test before receiving their official certificate at their graduation.

Benefits of Obtaining a CCC-SLP

1. Increased Employment Opportunities

Licensed speech-language pathologists have more job opportunities due to the high demand for their services. Most people have problems with their speech and language skills so that they will go to a licensed practitioner for care and treatment. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of all speech-language pathologists, including school-based and non-school-based practitioners, is expected to grow 26% from 2014 to 2024.

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2. More Income and Professional Respect

People who achieve their CCC SLP certification from credible places like SpeechPathologyGraduatePrograms.org will be able to command more pay, respect, and professional opportunities in the speech-language pathology field. 

A speech-language pathologist is usually regarded as a doctor in communication disorders, and they are usually treated as such in most hospitals and clinics.

3. Lifestyle

If you want to travel around the country or even the world, then achieving your CCC-SLP is a good start. There are many opportunities to work overseas, so if you are interested in working with people who speak other languages, traveling with your CCC-SLP will be good for your practice. 

Many people who have achieved their CCC-SLP certification work as telepathologists and utilize the internet to consult with patients worldwide.

Course Work and Practicum

1. Course Work

The course work for speech-language pathologists includes English grammar, phonetics, articulation and language impairments, child language acquisition and development, medical complications of speech and language disorders, diagnostic procedures for speech-language disorders, the history of the profession, leadership skills, ethics of the profession and professional roles.

2. Practicum

Practical experience is part of the CCC-SLP certification process. The speech-language pathologist must complete approved supervised clinical experiences that involve caring for individuals with communication disorders. They must also complete more than 1,000 hours of documented practical experience.

Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Fellowship

A speech-language pathology clinical fellowship is a networking educational program that teaches the fundamentals of the profession of speech-language pathology through course work, clinical experiences, and research. A speech-language pathologist can take advantage of this education to advance their education and skills in their chosen field.

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To become eligible for this fellowship, applicants must have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in communication disorders or another related field. 

Applicants must have passed an examination for professional licensure, have completed the first 500 hours of supervised clinical experience, have participated in an approved clinical fellowship program, and have completed their first year of residency training or have completed their fellowship training.

Opportunities After Earning CCC-SLP

1. Board Certified in Speech-Language Pathology

Considered a “professional designation,” this certificate is earned by an individual after earning their CCC-SLP certification. Those who pursue this certification may choose to pursue the additional title of “Board Certified Speech-Language Pathologist.”

2. Co-NP

A certification for speech-language pathologists who are certified in nursing is certified as “Co-NPs.” Co-NPs are not allowed to prescribe medication, but they can offer patients medication consultation and education.

3. SLA Educator

The American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA) offers a certification program for SLA educators. This certification is offered to those teaching for at least two years and trained by an accredited school of speech-language pathology. This certificate is awarded to educators after they complete the required curriculum and submit their portfolio of work to ASHA.


These are just some of the benefits of obtaining your CCC-SLP certification. Speech-language pathology is an exciting field that has many career opportunities that you can achieve. 

Being licensed as a speech-language pathologist is also important because it gives you professional status, so you can work in any health care facility or school to help adults and children with their communication skills.

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