You’ll notice that research and development in the cannabis industry have taken leaps and bounds if we trace back our steps to just a few decades ago. But this innovation doesn’t come as if it were magic, it’s powered by the exponential rise in cannabis knowledge.

A knowledge that is caused in part by the legalization of growth of hemp and distribution of hemp-derivatives since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. This has prompted the discovery of interesting cannabinoids that were once ‘not a thing’.

What Is THC?

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Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9 THC) is one out of 113 cannabinoids identified in the Cannabis Sativa plant to date. For a long time, THC has been known as the psychoactive component of cannabis.

In Fact:

Delta-9 THC is the reason why most of us learned to smoke and love weed. Those fun nights watching Sponge Bob with the buddies, kicking it at the White Castle with Harold and Kumar, or trying to save our @ss from a mobster with Seth Rogen are all thanks to Delta-9 THC.

And for a while, we thought that Delta-9 THC was the end of the road.

But then:

Along came CBD. Then CBG. Then things started to get real hefty with CBT and CBL. This is when we finally understood; “oh, there is more to cannabis than just THC”.

Lately, there’s been an additional cannabinoid that’s been making some noise. The new kid on the block aims to steal the thunder from under Delta-9’s nose. Enter Delta-8 THC.

What Is Delta-8 THC?

The ‘Deltas’ that serve as a premonition to the part that actually interests us, THC, are just a way to classify the different types of THC found in the weed. Yes, there are different types of the same compound. With different chemical structures and arrangements.

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Delta-9 THC grows in great amounts in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Particularly in the ‘version’ of cannabis known as ‘Marijuana’. Delta-8 THC, on the other hand, grows in small amounts in all types of Cannabis, that includes both marijuana and hemp.

delta 8 thc
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D8 can be harvested from both hemp and marijuana under special growth conditions, breeding practices, and using a set of specific extraction methods.

With the accumulation of cannabis knowledge accumulated over the years, cannabis companies like Delta Effex have put their expertise to work to uncover the intricacies of this new and exciting compound.

What Is The Difference Between The Delta-8 THC And The Delta-9 THC High

Using extremely high-end extraction technology, Delta Effex has built a solid foundation working with hemp through their brand Savage CBD. This could seem like an isolated piece of information and you might be thinking “what does CBD have to do in all of this?”.

Well, as we forewarned you before, Delta-8 can be extracted from both hemp and cannabis with the right technique. So, with entire crops of hemp at their disposition, Delta Effex has set out to the task of using it to harvest incredibly high-end D8 THC.

delta 8 thc
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That’s the first difference between D9 and D8; the source.

The second difference can be explained through something you already know quite well. Have you ever taken an edible and thought to yourself “I wasn’t ready for that”? We have, and here’s the reason why it happens.

When you put weed through a series of external influences like heat and pressure (things you do when making cannabutter) you are creating an entirely new version of THC. Think about it; if you are applying high pressure and heat how could the components of the plant not change?

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This being the reason for the overwhelming buzz that THC edibles are known for. You know where we’re getting at now.

Just like the THC in edibles, Delta-8 provides a different type of high.

Effects Of Delta-8 THC

You’ll often hear that Delta-8 does not come with any psychoactive effects. WRONG.

Delta-8 can be psychoactive. However, the high associated with D8 is usually a lot milder than that of its Delta-9 counterpart. This being the main reason why Delta-8 THC has been and can be confused with CBD, although it’s an entirely different component.

The effects of D8 are very similar to those of D9. Of course, this entirely depends on the type of strain you are consuming. The intensity of the high may also vary (like with D9) depending on the amount of THC you are consuming, and the application method you are using (vaping, smoking, edibles, etc.).

Less potency might not sound that attractive to experienced weed consumers with a high tolerance for THC. But many people are now making the change precisely because of that reason.

Why Is Delta-8 THC Confused With CBD?

As you might already know, CBD is federally legal and regulated across all 50 states in the U.S. This has to do with the fact that CBD is found in greater amounts in hemp and not so much so in marijuana. Hemp, being a non-psychoactive plant, is legal for harvesting in the entire U.S. territory.

This has paved the way for CBD companies that have access to hemp to be the first in dipping their toes in the Delta-8 pond. This has driven some unaware consumers to think that we might be looking at some strange form of CBD.

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But no. Although it may come from hemp, Delta-8 THC is its own entity and will give you a light buzz that you won’t see coming if what you’re expecting is CBD.

Is Delta-8 THC Legal?

delta 8 thc
Photo courtesy of Delta Effex

Although a bit vague, the regulation around hemp-derived products like Delta-8 THC puts it on the legal list. But due to the psychoactive effects associated with the compound, a massive debate seems to be brewing in the distance like a storm.

The whole reason why hemp extract is considered a legal substance is that the quantities of THC are kept under 0.3%. But with discoveries like D8 coming to fruition, that might soon change.


If you’re looking for something mild that is still capable of providing you with a heady buzz, then Delta-8 THC might be what you were looking for. A close cousin to the Delta-9 THC we initially fell in love with, but with a source that enables you to consume it legally in the U.S. (at least for the time being). 

For the best Delta-8 THC products out there, go check out Delta Effex. With a portfolio that includes vape carts, all-in-one disposables, edibles, and tinctures, all of them of the highest quality, we guarantee there’s something that’ll fit your lifestyle.


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