Facts about Jews and Judaism That Most People Don’t Know


In this article, we will share some facts about Jews and Judaism that every person should know. These are as follows:


The foundation of any religion in the world is on beliefs, scholarship, and practices. In Judaism, the Torah, known as the Five Books of Moses, is the foundation. After that comes the Prophets and writings.  Torah is also known as Hebrew Bible. These are the books given by GOD through his prophets. It explains all the beliefs and practices of Judaism. You cannot understand the written Torah without Oral Torah.

Jews, Israelites, and Hebrews Are the Same People

The father of Jews is Abraham, which is also a Prophet of God. The name Israel comes from his Grandson Jacob. It was renamed Israel by God, and the children are known as the people of Israel. Another fact is that the land of Israel was ruled by descendants of King David from the Judah tribe. The name Yehudim (Jews) comes from this tribe. Nowadays, many Jews live in the Israel, running their businesses such as Hadad Bros, who are selling pure silver products online worldwide. You can visit their website at https://www.hadadbros.com/en/.

Jews Believe in One God

There is just one God in Judaism, who is the creator of Earth and Heaven. He is invisible, has no children, and needs no help. There are several names for God; some of them are sacred and can only be used in prayer. Generally, Jews refer to God with the name Hashem.


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We mentioned earlier that the foundation of Judaism is Torah. In which God tells us to follow his commandments known as mitzvahs. Among Jews, these instructions are the way to live their life. They have to follow them as it is a part of their life. Furthermore, they believe that it is the way to connect to God.

Every Jew Has To Learn Torah

Another fact that every person should know about Jews is everyone has to learn Torah. It is the only way to connect to God.  That is the reason that every Jew spends hours, days, and even years learning Talmud and Torah.

Jews Were Slaves

If you study the history of Jews, you will learn that they started as slaves in Egypt. God sent the Prophet Moses, who brought 10 plagues upon the Egyptians. After that, the exodus from Egypt, and that is the reason that things like charity and kindness to the stranger are of utmost importance among Jews.


Nowadays, every country in the world believes that humans deserve a break at the end of every week. But people don’t know that this was first started by the Jews. Right after the Exodus, God told them to take a day off from work, known as Shabbat. This day is for prayer, festive meals, and rest.

Who Is A Jew?

Any person whose mother is Jewish, regardless of one’s beliefs or involvements. There is also possible to become a Jew through conversion. But this conversion can be possible under the auspices of a rabbinical court.  In the conversion process, one has to accept the mitzvahs.

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