Filing a divorce and going through the entire process of separation can become quite strenuous for the divorcing couple. Lots of couples have to pass through bad experiences during the divorce process.

Sometimes it may happen that the couple gets engaged in quarrels for the issues like the division of matrimonial assets, maintenance of the child, alimony, and others. This situation often has an adverse effect on children’s life. Therefore, even during a grave situation, the process to end the marriage should be done amicably. Seeking help from an experienced divorce lawyer is necessary who holds expertise in the matter related to family law mediation.

The mediation deviation is a procedure to end the marriage as amicably as possible. In this process, the expert mediators always help the couples to stay focused on the issue and they help to encourage communication. Hence there is a huge demand for a divorce lawyer who is experienced in the mediation process.

Reasons for the demand for the mediation process

The negative impact of the divorce process on the children was recognized at first by the Family Justice Courts of Singapore and the Ministry of Family & Development. Realizing these facts, the Mandatory Parenting Programme has been introduced in Singapore in the year 2016. So in Singapore, the medication process has become extremely popular. As per the survey, it has been noticed that seven out of ten divorce cases are being resolved through this procedure.

Options available for the mediation process

Normally two options are available in the mediation process. One is court-based mediation and another is private family medication. In the court-based mediation programs, all divorce cases are properly managed by the judges of the court. Here the court will instruct the parties to take the help of experts in family law mediation. Ultimately this program offers an agreeable outcome of the divorce. At this court based medication, three different types of programs are available. These are

  1. Maintenance medication chambers program that deals with the maintenance of both the child and the spouse.
  2. Family Resolution Chambers Programme where the court instructs both the parties to attend the family Dispute resolution counseling. Here the judge and the counselor of the family sit together and set out the issue. The Child Focused Resolution Centre directs a couple to attend a mediation session if the couple has a child below 21 years of age. This process is mainly followed if the divorce is contested. The couples are required to attend the mediation counseling at the CFRC. They will get in touch with only trained divorce lawyers specialized in the mediation process.
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The next option is the private mediation program that is a voluntary process. Here the parties take the initiative to go through the mediation process according to their own time other than the time fixed by the court. This process does not only maintain privacy but also helps to create an amicable atmosphere. This will help to resolve all complex situations.

Cost of the mediation process

Though the court orders that the mediation process should be done at free of cost. But, if a couple decides to go with private family law mediation programs, then the couple is required to pay fees. They have to pay fees for filing fees that are non-refundable, mediation fee per party per day, and overtime charges if require.

After going through all the above details, we are sure that you got a clear idea as to what needs to be done if you need to go through the Mediation process at the time of your divorce. We recommend you search online to get the list of the top mediation experts in Singapore. Go through the reviews and that will help you make the right selection of the expert.

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