Father of 3 severely injured in single vehicle crash remaining positive throughout recovery, shares warning about rear tire care


A cheer coach in Travelers Rest is recovering from several operations after he crashed into a tree three weeks ago.

This father of three says that he is remaining optimistic because it could have been so much worst.

He says speed played a factor, but he hopes that you will also make sure your tires are up to par. But he is just grateful to not be at the hospital even though he has a long road ahead.

Rockey Gaines says, “I was zooming a little bit and I lost control and smacked a tree.”

He says he is “very thankful that God shed his mercy on me and allowed me to come through and be here for my wife and kids.”

Rockey’s car after the crash
Rockey’s car was totaled after hitting that tree, but still this family man, husband, and Tumble Tech Cheer Coach is so optimistic despite all that he is going through.

Rockey says, “there are people worse off than me. I have a broken foot, feeding tube in my mouth, trach in my throat, jaw wired shut and that isn’t anything compared to what other people are going through. There are people still laid up in the hospital and I am here with my family and I’m thankful. Some people might not have made it through the crash. I’m thankful.”

Thankful for moment where he can hold his kids.

Alisha Gaines, Rockey’s wife, says, “him being himself even though he was in the ER, being himself even with his jaw is wired shut helped. And the Lord, I do lean on him a lot.”

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They are holding on to their faith and continuing to make memories with those he loves the most.

Alisha is a stay at home mom so things are tight for this family and they are doing what they can to make it.

Rockey is “hoping and praying that my wires will be off before for Christmas.”

There is a GoFundMe set up for the family

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