Flower Theme Decorations for All Occasions


The scent, the essence, the freshness of festivals, occasions and vibes all come from things that are new for the year. Photographs, yes maybe a newer kind of cake yes they are things that could work in your favour. And however crucial they are, you still need a newer element to make the day exciting and memorable, not to forget a benchmark for the next one. What we are talking about today is on similar lines, it’s about what to do with flowers. Flowers are in much literal sense the essence of a celebration. They give vanilla-like flavour to the party when it’s a cute family get together. You can make it rosey and love-filled, every corner of the room will scream love on the top of its lungs when you add a little sparkle and love with flowers. Now it’s not even a thing for the first night for married couples to just scatter flowers around their bed, they are also arranged in a beautiful theme and manner that entice people and love. Irrespective of occasions you can get flowers in any flower shop in Jaipur and other cities by searching for them online. But what we are here to suggest to you is themes that go really well with your thought, imagination, inspiration and reason. 

  • The back wall

The back wall that is the background for all pictures, where the cake table is placed, where all the seating and food is, has to be your most happening wall. It is usually the biggest, most favourite wall of the host. You can go for a white and pink subtle combination of flowers. They can be lilies, roses, carnations or American varieties. Who is to put a limit to how far you can go with your creativity. 

  • Photo Frame 
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Make a photo frame like structure with your flowers. Arrange a big circle, or rectangle in the air and stick flowers around it. Make it the selfie point which is kind of a must in all parties these days. You can keep banners there too and make your party go viral on social media like the ultimate benchmark for the current generation. 

  • Matching accessory of flowers

Like in clubs, a person has to wear a wristband to enter the place. You can have similar accessories like rings, pendants, bracelets, tiaras, or have a flower in a hair that binds the party in one and connects the crowd. Even if you are up for a corporate event it really is a good idea to give all the departments a common topic to talk about. 

  • Words of flowers

Do you want to say happy birthday? Why don’t you spell it out with flowers? Why don’t you write happy anniversary with roses and in glitter and amaze your husband? Why don’t you write sorry with daisies and make your person happy? There are a million ways to celebrate and to exchange gestures, you just have to find your voice. 

  • Champagne bottles

The bachelor party for one does not begin without spilling some champagne around and a little or too much fragrance around the ceremony doesn’t hurt either. You can always draw it on a big chunk of paper and then assemble the flowers. Well, you know because if the shape of the bottle goes wrong, it may actually spill?

  • Red carpet

Your gorgeous wife is entering or your one-year-old baby, either way, they both deserve to walk the red carpet to your heart. And you always place bowls of water filled with flowers, freshening their mood as they walk up to you. You won’t even know when love will be all to persist and your imagination will have paid off.

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