Ford F-650 Pickup Is Shaquille O’Neal’s Daily Car

There is no doubt that Shaquille O’Neal is an enormous man. The fact that he owns a gigantic truck also makes this as simple as that. It is estimated that the person in question stands at seven feet one inch tall and weighs over 325 kilograms. The fact that he had a successful NBA career remains undisturbed today. The hall of famer, as you can see, is undoubtedly looking for an automobile that will undoubtedly make him feel as comfortable as possible. There was a truck that he was able to locate, and it turned out it is not a Buick LaCrosse that your company provides.

Here we’re going to be talking about a Ford F 650 EX-treme out of Wade Ford, which was put together under the supervision of SuperTruck’s picking up builder company together with your nation of residence functioning as their country of residence, Georgia. There are only a few cases that SuperTruck generates each year, and even fewer of those vehicles have been manufactured accurately and according to the clients’ preferences.

It is also interesting to note that the Ford F 650 EX-treme SHQ driving is also pretty much a carbon copy of the Ford F 650 industrial truck. There is also a likelihood that you’ll discover many of the luxury features and options that are understood in Blue Oval’s compact-sized trucks.

The fact that O’Neal has been referred to as Large Aristotle or even Massive Shaqtus also implies that he will not have any trouble finding his way around in this particular system.

There is a starting price of 109,750 for this SuperTruck’s F 650 EX-treme, but as the 4x NBA champion decided to include any discretionary gear as part of his purchase price, it ended up costing 124,150. As Shaquille O’Neal is a well-known basketball player, we are sure he’ll really enjoy this particular truck for the reason that we are confident he had no problem turning it out.

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