What comes to your mind when you think of futuristic gadgets? Most of us think of smartphones and computers, and that’s just scratching the surface. There are gadgets out there that can revolutionize your day-to-day activities and give a peek into what your future can be.

Considering you need internet for everything, with questions like ‘what is the best internet available in my area’ popping in your head, you may feel like you’re still dwelling in the early ‘00s. But, wait till you know the technological breakthroughs that we’re about to jot down below. You would be blown away with all that’s possible now. 

Mi Air Charger

Xiaomi has proven one more time that it can be our guide to futuristic living. You may be thinking that it has launched another breakthrough of a smartphone, but there’s more to the picture. Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge technology is a testament to the fact that we have indeed entered the future and it’s exactly how we saw in the movies.

The gadget can charge smartphones, without you connecting it via cable or placing it on a charging dock. The technology uses airwaves to transmit and receive electrical charge. As of now, airwaves can only charge devices within a limited range. However, in the coming time, you can expect a drastic improvement in the capability.

Apple AirPods Pro

Who would’ve thought that something so basic and so small can have such a potential for cutting-edge technology? Let us put aside the fact that Apple has significantly improved the looks and sound quality of AirPods. 

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What makes AirPods Pro worthy of your shot are the features that make this device so addictive and effortless to use. AirPods connect automatically once removed from the case if your device is in the vicinity. These tiny wonders of technology have the hardware to offer the best noise-canceling in the business. The battery life and compact size of the case are a bonus. What’s even better is its feature that makes switching between devices, hassle-free. 

Vuzix Smart Glasses

We all know what a train-wreck Google Glass was. However, that’s not the end of technology as we know it. Vuzix has been a pioneer in augmented reality and wearable devices. The company has recently launched its latest smart glasses. Let’s talk about the looks, it is by far the most sophisticated and highly functional smart glasses. Moreover, the device features a display on both outside and inside of the lenses. It also has a waveguide technology to adjust the display as per the vision. The company promises to add features of internet connectivity, speakers, and microphone. Imagine, using such a gadget with a high-speed internet connection from Windstream. A 10/10 for us!

Ampere Shower Power

Another one of Xiaomi’s marvels in consumer electronics is this one. Traditionally, a shower isn’t even an electronic device, but that hasn’t stopped Xiaomi from revolutionizing it. The Shower Power is an attachable device that uses the flow of water to charge the Bluetooth speaker in it. As a result, you don’t have to worry about carrying your device or speaker to the bathroom every time. And naturally, it comes with waterproof buttons. 

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Superstrata Bike

We all have the perception that a bicycle and other exercise equipment is a great escape from technology, but the Superstrata bike is here to tell you otherwise. First of all, you have a choice of more than 500,000 combinations to design your bike. 

Finalize the design, and the company will 3D print your personalized bike and send it to you. There are two variants of this bike; the superior one named Ion e-bike features a state-of-the-art bike engine with the sleekest battery and a long smooth ride with the lowest charging time. Talk about the coolest ride ever!

Samsung Bot Handy

We all have a common fantasy when it comes to living in the future – household robots. Ever since The Jetsons aired, people have associated the future with robots helping us out with basic chores and even being fully functional servants. 

Samsung’s Bot Handy is the closest to that idea. This is a fully functional, mobile robot, which can move around, and raise itself up and down in all directions. The device features an adaptive camera that can easily recognize everyday objects. Most importantly it has a multifunctional arm that can do multiple chores like carrying clothes, holding up a dish, or even, fetching a popsicle from the refrigerator. 

In a Nutshell

The future is now and we just couldn’t be more elated about it. Technology will always continue to improve our lives. All we have to do is keep an eye out for what is in our reach and fits our lifestyle. 

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