Garena Free Fire Review: The Game that Redefined the First-Person Shooter Genre


Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter game that is currently available on all mobile platforms. Each game in Garena Free Fire lasts for around 10 minutes where a total of 49 players fight against each other to become the last man standing on the island

The game offers players to choose their starting point by dropping them from the plane with a parachute in their hand. Players will be able to drop at their desired location and simply collect guns to survive. Dars and bikes are available in the game to help players go from one place to another in a short period.

What does Garena Free Fire offer?

You might have a question in your mind about why you need to play Garena Free Fire because there are multiple games like this available in the market. Here we have listed down the reasons which make Garena Free Fire a must-play for all mobile gamers.

  • Vast Map

The best part of Garena Free Fire is that the map in which players will be playing is quite large and players will have a lot of things to do when they land on the island. The vast land also means players will have to run a lot in the game and to solve that problem developers have added cars and bikes to make travel fast and easy.

  • Fast-paced gameplay

Each game in Garena Free Fire lasts for a total of 10 minutes which is quite less and this is why players will always have to play the game in a hurry. The map gets smaller every minute and this is why players will always have to rush and stay in the circle to survive in Garena Free Fire. Players will have to play Garena Free Fire quite a bit to get used to the fast pace of the game.

  • Multiplayer Mode
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Garena Free Fire comes with a multiplayer mode where players will be playing against 49 other players. The game also offers players the option of playing with their friends which is quite a fun experience. Like most multiplayer games Garena Free Fire also needs a lot of free space to download and install on any device.

  • Smooth Graphics

Graphics is something that almost all mobile shooter games lack. Most of the mobile games which are played in multiplayer mode have poor graphics because it is easier for players to play with any internet connection. With Garena Free Fire developers have made sure that the game has high-quality graphics and there is absolutely no lag when playing in multiplayer mode.


  • Great graphics
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Available for free


  • Takes up a lot of space in the hard drive

Final Words

If you are into shooting games then you should download and play Garena Free Fire. The game has become very popular amongst gamers of all ages because it is available for free and can be enjoyed in multiplayer mode.


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