Google With An Anti-Tracking Feature For Android


Google is ready to consider developing an Android alternative to Apple’s upcoming App Tracking Transparency. It is a new planned opt-in requirement to track iOS users across apps and websites. Bloomberg reported that underscores the increasing pressure on large tech companies which are spurred on by Apple and to take more proactive options to protect user privacy perfectly.

Google never say that it is indeed working on an anti-tracking privacy measure for Android. As per a Google spokesperson’s statement, “We are always looking for ways to work with developers to raise the bar on privacy to enable a healthy and ad-supported app ecosystem.”

Apple’s developer made an announcement in a conference that App Tracking Transparency effectively slides a system-level that is in between an app’s tracking capabilities and a user’s preferences. In case, the user says they will not be tracked then there is nothing the developer can do to get around. It is because Apple will disable a developer’s ability to gather the Identifier for Advertisers code or IDFA. It is the only code that lets advertisers track users from one app or website to another for ad targeting. Also, this code will help advertisers to measure the effectiveness of ads.

Apple aims to police developers using audits and other ways to enforce its policies including potentially suspending or banning apps from the App Store if a developer does not follow up. Google and Facebook have publicly raised the concern for how Apple’s opt-in requirement could negatively affect their mobile advertising networks. If Facebook is concerned, it has begun executing a public relations war against Apple. It has made complaints that Apple will harm small businesses and accused it of being self-involved.

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As per Bloomberg reports, Google has taken on App Tracking Transparency not to be as severe. Without forcing opt-in requirements on app developers, the Android alternative may favor a few upcoming privacy controls which are planned for Google’s Chrome browser.

Google is now working to develop new privacy practices and standards for the web, Privacy Sandbox. The search engine has taken several measures to phase out third-party cookies on Chrome and is working on tools that allow advertisers to target groups of users.


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