‘Gramma’ of ‘Gramma and Ginga’ internet fame passes away on Christmas Day


In the early part of this decade, the Clarksburg duo gained fame as a consequence of a Facebook page dedicated to them, but one half of the duo has sadly passed away.

The Gramma and Ginga Facebook page reports that Genevieve Musci, whose full name was Genevieve Musci, died peacefully around 10:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve at the age of 106, according to the Facebook page of Gramma and Ginga.

A family member of hers was asked whether there was some significance in the fact that she passed away on Christmas: “It must have been fitting for a woman who had probably not taken part in a Sunday mass in at least 100 years, up until Covid, to pass away on the day that our Lord was born.”

The post states that the family decided not to have her tested for COVID as a part of the decision to not have her tested.

It has been reported that over 24,000 condolences have been posted on the post that announced Gramma’s death as of the morning of Saturday.

On social media, there was a time when family members began sharing videos of Grandma’s funny antics and interactions with her younger sister, Ginga (Arlene Bashnett), on a frequent basis in 2016. As a result of their appearances on national television shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live and Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey, the sisters have made several appearances on national television shows. The sisters, in addition to their Facebook page, also have an Instagram account, a Twitter account, and a YouTube account, as well as a website dedicated exclusively to them.

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Many people at 12 News in the past and present have had the opportunity to get to know these ladies through the stories we have been able to do with them over the years. During this difficult time, each and every member of the WBOY and 12 News team would like to extend their deepest condolences to the family.


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