Hair Goddess – Should We Expect Season 2?

As we have already seen the very first season of TLC’s truth reveal Hair Goddess come to an end, fans of the show are now becoming horrified to hear that a brand-new batch of episodes will be aired next season. A total of six episodes were included in season one; however, this small number wasn’t surprising, because it is common to release only a couple of episodes, in the beginning, to see if people are interested in the series or not. In this regard, we can say that Hair Goddess season 1 had a much more or less siphoned audience as opposed to Hair Goddess season 2. That is to say, there did not seem to be any explanation for the series to be offset, at least until currently.

If you haven’t seen the series yet, here are some basic explanations of what it’s all about: the series revolves around Christina Olivia and her brand new cosmetic salon in New York City. It is Christina’s belief that employing hair extensions will change the wonder industry for the better, and she is doing everything that she can in order to make this happen. When it comes to growth season inch evaluations, they aren’t that impressive as they are based on Showbuzz day-to-day, however, they are still decent, as they aren’t that great.

I regret to inform you that there have been no official statements regarding Season two as of yet. As a result, we are waiting for TLC to validate the renewal of the original series, and then we should be able to predict when new episodes will be made available. I think what is important is the fact that Christina is eager to continue taking care of this series as long as she is given the opportunity. As far as the newest season is concerned, she does not seem to have any knowledge of it. A fan contributed with an informative article about Twitter: “I cannot believe it is already the end of the season for HairGoddess. I hope you will return for season two,” to which Christina replied: “Me! Keep your posted thanks and thanks very much for paying attention!”.
Until now, that is all the information we have. Stay tuned, and we will let you know once we figure out whether you should actually expect the second season of Hair Goddess so that you will know whether to expect it or not.

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