The Hart of Dixie Season 5 – Can it be renewed?

Hart of Dixie Season 5 – Is Renewal Possible After Cancellation?

Despite the fact that Hart of Dixie season 5 was cancelled by the CW, there are lots of people hoping it will eventually return.

According to Scott Porter, who has been an associate of the show since its very first season, the series had been on Netflix, as he announced in a tweet on his Twitter account. Several fanatics commented on his conversation, expressing their hope that the show will survive from where it left off, despite the fact that the show has not yet ended.

Originally, that piece had been published in The CW in September of 2011. In the following weeks, the home network of the present-day show announced its cancellation two weeks after the current show aired.

There is a possibility that Rachel Bilson, who we have seen now in Jumper and The Last Month, may have been a direct reaction to this throw at Hart of Dixie last week. It is not uncommon for her to declare that she will return to work right after her pregnancy, even though there are no busy projects on IMDB. Furthermore, she could be the state spokesperson for all chap-sticks in the state.

Hart of Dixie buffs have been anticipating the release of the fifth season ever since the fourth season ended. Taking into account the huge amount of people that find it interesting, the network might decide to support the series for a fifth period. In terms of its renewal, there has not yet been any official announcement.

It is worth noting, however, that the CW president Mark Pedowitz took the time to point out that Hart of Dixie experienced an outstanding season finale this year. As a result, no one expected him to terminate the series following his statements in this regard. He announced this blackout a few weeks after his announcement of the blackout, however.

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It is interesting to see that on some social networking websites, such as Twitter, for example, we can observe a variety of remarks and tweets from those Hart of Dixie fans who hope that there will be a season 5 of the show.

Let us assume that even though the show has been formally cancelled, they will reconsider and alter their heads in order to acquire a fifth season of the show so that some substantial numbers of fans can realize their dreams.


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