Here’s Why You Need to Upgrade to a UPS Inverter


UPS inverters are getting increasingly popular. Homeowners are ditching their old generator sets to upgrade the new-age UPS inverters. That’s because UPS inverters are not just cost-effective but they are environment-friendly too. And these are just some of the many benefits of UPS inverters. If you want to know more about the other benefits of upgrading to a UPS inverter, read this post till the end. Let’s get started. 

  1. It offers relief during long and frequent power outages.

Power outages due to breakdowns, or because of scheduled maintenance, are common, especially during the summer season. Having a UPS inverter is a surefire way to ensure a reliable power backup during long and frequent power cuts.  The best part is that there’s a wide range of inverters available in the market ranging from low to medium to high capacity inverters. So whether you want to run a few basic appliances such as fans, tube lights, bulbs or you want to run high power-consuming devices such as ACs, microwaves, or geysers, you will find an inverter according to your need.

  1. It is environment-friendly.

Global warming and climate change are a growing concern, and therefore, governments across the globe are taking several measures to ensure a sustainable future. We too need to act more responsibly and do our bit to ensure a greener Earth. One of the ways to do so is to replace the old diesel generators with the latest environment-friendly UPS inverters. Unlike diesel generators that release harmful gases, UPS inverters are safe to operate and do not pose any threat to the environment or your family. 

  1. It protects home appliances from voltage fluctuations.
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The ones who have gone through the pain of their expensive electronic appliance getting damaged because of a voltage fluctuation would know the importance of installing a home UPS inverter. If you don’t have a UPS inverter installed in your home, you are risking the safety of your expensive appliances like LED TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners. We advise that you should get one installed without any delay.

  1. It provides uninterrupted power.

Work from home is the new norm and so uninterrupted power supply is the biggest need of the hour. In fact, it’s not just the working people who need an uninterrupted power supply. Homemakers and children, too, need an uninterrupted power supply as they need to attend to their daily chores and online classes. Note – When you buy a home UPS inverter and battery combo, make sure you buy a battery with additional battery capacity than what you actually require. That’s because batteries degrade with time and so their battery backup decreases. 

  1. It is cheaper to run a UPS inverter.

Home UPS inverters are quite inexpensive as compared to diesel generators. The best part is that the operational costs of running a UPS inverter are negligible as compared to running a diesel generator. That’s because generators run on diesel which is an expensive commodity and is getting costlier by the day. UPS inverters, on the other hand, store and use the power drawn from the local grid which is far cheaper.

Looking for the best home UPS inverter company?

If you want to buy a home UPS inverter, but don’t know where to start your search, you must check out the wide range of UPS inverters that Luminous India has to offer. They are one of the most reputable brands in the power solutions space.

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